Amanda Steinberg and WorthFM

worthfm-logo_square_yellowonwhiteAmanda Steinberg came into my life in early 2011.  What I loved immediately about Amanda is her tenacity as a serial entrepreneur.  Failure has never been an option for Amanda.  I have watched it first hand.

I invested in DailyWorth and joined the board.  DailyWorth gave financial and career advice to women.  We learned a lot about these women.  They were looking to educate themselves around their finances.  There was no doubt that Amanda was on to something.  She was quite early to this game as we are right smack in the middle of the next generation of women wanting to own their own financial lives.

Amanda is passionate about gaining control of her own finances and helping other women be empowered too.  There is an audience of millennials, there is an audience of women who are bread winners who want to own their personal family finances, there are women who have lost their spouse and find themselves unknowledgeable about their financial state, there are women who find themselves divorced and completely unaware of their financials.  The market is growing daily.

What if there was a platform for all these women where they could get the financial education, services and advice that they are craving?  What if with that information they could actually save, invest in their future with personal advice that is geared towards their own unique circumstances?  That was that Amanda and Source Financial Advisors Michelle Smith began to think about.  They looked at the past 7 years of behavioral financial data of over 1 million women on DailyWorth and launched WorthFm.

WorthFm is designed to answer women’s 5 top questions about money giving step-by-step financial guidance with a bit of humor tossed in.  The idea is to break down the sense of loss many women feel around finances.   To get rid of the complexity and jargon so commonplace in financial services today.  The platform educates women to move seamlessly from financial chaos to clarity by giving her straightforward savings and investment accounts as well as the tools to build up her knowledge and in turn build her net worth.  Essentially WorthFM is helping women become secure and confident financial stewards poised to make wise decisions for themselves, their families and the world.

Amanda is the perfect person to lead this effort.  WorthFm already had 23,000 women on the waitlist.  Their average age is 43 and 25% are over the page of 55.  These women will inherit the majority of wealth in the next 15 years totaling $8 trillion.  Her timing is right, her knowledge is deep and her passion to change the world for women one retirement account at a time is contagious.

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  1. Jenna Abdou

    This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Joanne.

  2. Erin

    Oh how wonderful! What a rousing endorsement! Expand to Canada, please!