Art Hampton

We really don’t get out much when we go to the beach house.  There are so many activities to do out here and ever year I say we should do that but we don’t.  So this year before we went to a friends house for dinner we stopped by Art Hampton.  The last time we went had to be the first year and I remember it being pretty good but no longer.  It is probably hard to get people excited to go to an art show when the sky is blue and the weather is perfect.

chanelHere at the highlights if you want to call them that.  Sculpture of a Chanel perfume bottle.

parisPhotoshopped piece of Paris.

parisgoodMixed media piece loving Paris.

celebrityPrint on celebrity.

booksPhoto of a book shelf.

morebooksAnother photo of a book shelf.  Both curated.

sneakerAir Jordan shoe.

jacksCeramic jacks.

3d3D photo of crystal chandeliers

swimerSkinny Dipper.

I wonder how the show did.  Regardless of weather if you want people to come out in this type of weather you really have to make it spectacular…and this wasn’t.

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  1. pointsnfigures

    But mostly Paris is almost always a good idea.

    1. Gotham Gal