What to say?

imgresToday I planned on blogging about Spoon University.  A company that I am invested in led by two female founders who are smart, passionate and are building a smart business.  Impressive for anyone to build but particularly impressive by their age.  An upbeat exciting post.

This weekend is their annual event called Brainfood that brings people together around the intersection of food, technology media and entrepreneurship.  A great line-up of speakers, panels, events and a party to kick it all off tonight.  Tickets are still available.

Then last night we read with horror about Nice.  I’m numb.  We are all at a loss.  Again?  Why are people killing innocent people?  Can this insanity be stopped?  It isn’t so cut and dry like a war between two countries.  The questions are endless.

The political winds in every country around the globe appear to be in a very strange place. The anger is everywhere.  I am sure there will be multiple conversations at our house about this over the weekend and I am glad it is with young adults vs young children.  How do you explain insanity to your young children?

We were strolling down that boulevard in Nice almost two years ago.  My heart truly weeps for the families left behind who have to be asking themselves the same question as we are all asking ourselves…why, why, why?