Healthcare starts at the farm

imgresHealthcare continues to be one of the most important topics today.  The cost of healthcare is enormous running at over $3 trillion a year.  That is staggering.

Our system is more reactive than proactive and that certainly drives up costs.  People get sick and need help later on if they are not having annual checkups.  Health recommendations start with exercise and healthy diets although certainly genetics play a factor.

The amount of pesticides that we have put into our food supply for decades is the cause of antibiotic resistance and other issues.  Yet how do we grow enough crops to feed millions of people.  The pesticides not only affect the plants and everything else on the farm  and those chemicals go into the air, the water and the soil.  The good news is more consumers are pushing for change with their dollars.  They are voicing their opinions about the need for farming that protects human health.

There has been an ad running from Subway about how they are now only carrying poultry that is organic and free of antibiotics.  I can’t help but think so you have been feeding your customers antibiotic laden food for years but now you aren’t so we should run out to Subway?  What is interesting about the ad (besides my cynicism) is that they are reacting to what the public is saying.  We want healthy products.

We certainly have a long way to go but in the next few years much of this will become daily front news as the Government starts to change rules and regulations around laws that were put in place decades ago that are now wreaking havoc on our healthcare system.