It is just part of your DNA

imgresThere is countless research on nurture vs nature.  I do believe nurture goes along way to helping guide nature but trying to change nature is never a good thing.

I recently read Alice Hoffman’s new book, The Marriage of Opposites.  The book was longer than need be but the concept of what you were born to be stuck with me.  A historic fictional book based on the life of Camille Pissaro.  Pissaro came from a Jewish family and the idea of becoming an artist was not in the cards.  Pissaro drew and painted whenever he could.  At one point he says to his mother that he was born with this gift, he sees the world in colors and he was meant to be an artist not to run the family store.

Years ago when the kids were young I went on more playdates with them than I can count.  There was this one little boy who loved music, drawing and dressing up.  I knew him when he was between 4-6.  The parents pushed him to do sports (yes even at that age) and he’d do it but then he would return to the corner with his music.  I remember thinking you are not going to change this kids DNA.  He knows what he enjoys and it isn’t sports.

When Emily was barely 2 my Mom bought her an outfit as a gift when we went to visit her one weekend.  She opened the box, said thank you, put the outfit down and never picked it up again the rest of the weekend.  My Mom said “well she certainly knows what she doesn’t like.  She has no interest in that look”.  Kind of amazing at that age.

It is the same thing with entrepreneurs.  It isn’t a matter of should I start a company but I must start a company because I am literally unemployable.  I need to own and run my own thing.  I moderated a panel years ago with four women founders on it.  I asked them at the end of the panel if their companies fail then what will they do next.  They all said the same thing “I will start another company” and they all laughed.

DNA is a very powerful thing.