I am over male power

We went to see the season opened of the Knicks game and as always I am astounded with the curation of dancing and events during half-time, pre-game and time-outs.  I remember clearly when the Knicks city dancers began.  Our friend was the creator behind them pushing the Knicks management team to get into the times as the majority of the other teams already had this type of entertainment.

The cacophony around misogynists is a welcome change to public conversation.  When I see those Knick city dancers out there in skimpy outfits that could easily be seen at a pole dancing bar I wonder where are the men dancing along side them with their skimpy body enhancing outfits?  I am not opposed to the entertainment but why is it the women who are parading around and not the men in the same look?

We listened to episode 1 of Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast called The Lady Vanishes.  He looks back at the painting The Roll Call by Elizabeth Thompson, a relatively unknown artist in her day.  She became a sensation over night yet god forbid she was elected to become part of the Royal Academy of the Arts run by an all white-men board.  She accepted that because that is how the world worked in 1874.  Her husband goes on to write his own memoirs without even mentioning her in them including the fact that she raised their 6 children.  Really?

Gladwell’s podcast is based on his theory that an outsider’s success serves not to alleviate discrimination but perpetuate it. He points to Julia Gillard, the first female prime minister of Australia who was abased, ridiculed and discriminated against as well as beyond disrespected that you can’t help but acknowledge that a man would never been treated that way.  The video above is when she finally lost it on the floor of the house.  She is brilliant and worth watching.

Then the other night I walk into our building and our neighbors daughter is having a Halloween party.  The young women (we are talking about 16 year olds) are dressed in a way that is screaming look at my body and nothing else.  Feeling good, feeling sexy, feeling fantastic is a positive thing but as we are having more conversations about gender equality from equal pay to the board seat to the CEO to the C-suite execs then what is the balance between embracing our sexuality yet more important being respected and treated as an equal for our brains, our intellect and our independence.

And how the hell did men become to be the ones in charge or at least to believe they are in charge?  Did it begin with Adam and Eve?  Was it the warriors who went out to protect the females who can only produce offspring?  Was it the pure physical strength?

There was an article in the NYX this weekend called “I Live in a Lie: Saudi Women Speak Up” by Mona El-Naggar about women in Saudi Arabia who can barely go to the bathroom without permission from their father or husband.  These are not only wives, daughters, mothers but they are teachers, doctors and business people.  It is mind-boggling how these women are managed by their husbands.

We sat at the bar of a steak house Saturday night and even the bartender made a comment.  He said “I like to take my wife out for dinner once a week to get her out of the laundry room.”  Really?  I stared him down and told him I did not find any humor in his comment.  He got it.

Isn’t it time we moved past all this bullshit.  I look around these days and just think to myself how the fuck did all these men believe that they should all be in charge as masters of the universe?