I am still upset….so please explain to me

imgres-2Please explain to me how the President-elect can be talking to dignitaries from other countries with his family in tow so they can do more business there?

Please explain to me how the President-elect can use a social media platform to dismiss Hamilton when a cast is using the freedom that we are lucky to have. It’s called our constitutional right that would be the 1st ammendment.

Please explain to me how Trump really won when people were turned away in Michigan because they were told they didn’t have their ID? How many were turned away? Just seems like more people are upset than happy.

Please explain to me how Russia might have been involved with tampering our election and yet nobody is taking a deep dive on that?

Please explain to me how our President-elect can call out Hillary Clinton for emails when he is using an unsecured phone to talk to heads of states.

Please explain to me how the President-elect cared so much about putting his country first and running for the highest office in the land but refuses to put his company in a blind trust because he really continues to run it.

Please explain to me how a man who has an Orthodox Jew as a son-in-law could be fueling anti Semitism.  That really scares me.

Please explain to me how Trump was elected to be the President when he has no regard for his fellow person and seems dead set on being a dictator and taking us back to the 1940s.  He seems more interested in lining his pockets with more cash than the country although he ran on his deep interest for the people who are hurting.

Please explain to me how the anti-Semitic, bigot, right-wing, white supremacy cast of characters are going to make America great again?

Please tell me there is still a chance that this is just a nightmare that we will all wake up from. I fear for the future.  Based on the last week of insanity from tweets to racists as his supposed team to help run the country I don’t see how the majority of us can stomach the next four years.  I can’t.

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  1. lisa hickey

    Thank you. I hope some people who voted for him can explain, because I sure can’t. Those are the same things I have been seeing.

    1. Cam MacRae

      South Park explains perfectly… https://www.youtube.com/wat…Just wait for the shitstorm when they realise their 19th century jobs ain’t coming back *and* they gave a nationalist plutocrat the keys to the Whitehouse.

      1. Gotham Gal

        Unfortunately we can’t see it.This video contains content from Viacom, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

        1. Cam MacRae

          For the poor inhabitants of the corporatocracy I humbly offer this transcript:Redneck: “They took our jobs” x 100Angry conservative redneck: “Dey dook our jerbs” x 50Rooster: “Cockadoodledoo” x 1

    2. LE

      Our union UPS driver (20 years at UPS). Always a democrat but voted for Trump. Smokes and can’t quit. Especially now because of the new pressures of the job (seems like the past 2 to 3 years) as a result of Amazon. Feels he has been forgotten. Essentially a concentration of power and wealth in a way that doesn’t help the typical working guy. He now is tracked on how many times he backs the truck up. Says he is allowed 6 times in one day. I say ‘so what can they do you have a union contract’? He says ‘I get called in with the union rep, they want to replace me with someone younger and cheaper’. To many mistakes I am out. This is a union guy, with a contract, at a company that has been around forever with what was traditionally a secure job. And this is a guy with a job not one out of a job.Another example: I have a tenant, a chain of Plastic Surgery centers. Head Doctor calls me wants an out to his lease renewal with 60 days notice. Reason? ACA (Obamacare) he is getting cut by medicare and expects the private insurers to follow. And then the numbers won’t work then. And this is a guy making plenty of money (they pay rent 15 days early each month). (They operate maybe 10 of these offices in my state and will need to possibly close a few of them). Once again, this is a guy with a job that is making money. Just doesn’t like where things are going especially with the ACA.

  2. Shayna Joson

    Thanks for articulating what so many of us are struggling with. I cannot come up with a valid answer to any of these questions. After all, Simmons taught us critical thinking! I’m growing weary of being told we’re over reacting, or that better yet, somehow we are hateful and intolerant. We are the majority, but I feel like we’re trapped in an echo chamber. How do we make our voices heard? How do we speak to those who have dismissed us as whiny, liberal elites?

  3. falicon

    Inexplicable. However, everything he’s doing doesn’t surprise me (it’s about what I expected from him)…it’s the fact that a large percentage of the people that voted for him continue to defend, deflect, and even encourage all of this – that’s what continues to ENRAGE me the most right now.We need the “power of the people” to keep this stuff in check over the next four+ years…because clearly no one group, person, or branch of government is going to be able to…and right now, a good portion of “the people” are still refusing to see that, YES, it is in your own backyard too. This is *everyones* problem to help deal with.But seems like we’ll have to wait and suffer through some significant losses before they start to actually realize they aren’t getting the tax cuts, jobs, or safety they *thought* they would…and even longer before they get enraged enough about it to possibly take action…and sadly by that time, the battle may have long been over.

    1. JLM

      .The discontent of the people bubbled to the surface in 2014 when the Republicans were awarded a majority in the Senate, a bigger majority in the House, and numerous governships and statehouses.The Presidential election of 2016 continued the trend giving the Republicans the White House and more governors and statehouses while holding serve in the Senate and House.BTW, this has not happened for the Republicans since 1928.In 2018, there are 23 Democrat Senate seats up for grabs with 10 of them in states that voted for Trump. Every one of these Senators voted for Obamacare, which was the burning touchstone that blistered those Dems (10/11) who lost their seats in 2014. If the Republicans pick up a net eight (arguably seven with Joe Manchin from WV voting like a Republican), then it is a cloture proof majority — which supposes the Republicans don’t exercise the nuclear option (as Harry Reid did on Judicial appointments) and abolish the cloture rule.The wave is just starting and with 34 of the 50 states in the hands of Republican Governors and Statehouses, the wave is building. This is a majority which can call for a Constitutional Convention and amend the Constitution with some certainty to say nothing of the impact on redistricting after the 2020 census.This is not a ripple in a pond, this is a tsunami.It is a tsunami which is, as the President himself noted, a repudiation of the Obama legacy and presidency.Consider the implications if President Trump actually delivers on some portion of his promises which looks highly likely given the makeup of the Congress and his Cabinet.These are just facts and the results still have to be won at the ballot box but the trend is pretty clear.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

      1. falicon

        I understand why the Republican party is winning, and on some levels I’m actually OK with that…but I don’t really view Trump as a true Republican (and am also surprised that many do)…and regardless, I think it was an insane compromise (on character) for the people to be willing to make for a *maybe* on a few policies they hope will make *their* lives better.Where I think you lose people in your debates/stances (or at least me) is that you are focusing on laws, policy, and government – the rest of us are really just trying to get past hist basic character, self-interests, and human decency issues (not to mention the horrible traits it empowers others throughout the country to now feel free to express and act upon).I’m willing to concede on many of your policy points (heck, I probably agree with most of them anyway and could learn to live with many of the others that I don’t) – I’m just not willing to compromise on character, the good of our society, or the safety of our American way of life to try and get them.

        1. JLM

          .Fair play to you.The people were electing a President, not a Pope. I freely admit to focusing on governance and policy. That is what I look for in a President, not his NCAA Final Four bracket.As I, personally, have said many times elections are binary. When I eliminated HRC (for the exact same reasons you have enunciated), I was left with Trump, who turned out to be the winner.In the end, how he governs will turn out to be the real test. I have a sneaking suspicion he will turn out to be a very good President, but then I am an incurable optimist and willing to forgive almost anything.Only. Results. Matter.Good luck and Godspeed to all of America.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

          1. falicon

            Only results matter — to the winners.The rest *have* to care about how the game was/is played…and how they can/must play it better (if they are still alive and able to do so again)…not to mention learn to deal with the consequences and side effects of the actions of the winners.Somebody *always* pays…and it’s usually not the winner who was only focused on the results (winning)…I think that’s what we are all fearful and considerate of right now.Anyway – time will tell which concerns were valid and which were un-warranted. Though I’ll continue to worry it’s not the case, for the sake of us all, I honestly hope that history proves you to be the right one here…

          2. JLM

            .’Oh, please, Colonel Obvious.Winning is the only thing anyone cares about.Should HRC have refused to learn the debate questions? Because that was bad form?Should DJT have fended off the assist from Dir Comey? Because it was an unfair intrusion into the election?No, we are way past T ball in the political arena. Not saying that because I think it’s good but because it’s true.Every election results in a bit of disappointment. How we deal with that says something about us. I didn’t feel too good about the 2008 or 2012 outcomes but I didn’t riot or write sad blog posts and wallow in my disappointment. I was secretly hoping that Pres Obama would be a great healer on the racial front — silly me, huh?The Dems and HRC ignored the Heartland and DJT stole their lunch money. It was as simply tactical as that.Who gets the blame? Her scheduler?JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

          3. falicon

            I care about more than just winning…but it’s very possible I’m an edge case (I usually am). :-)Again – I hope that it all of this does just end up about policy and really much ado about nothing. I’m not just agreeing with you more than yourself, I’m down right rooting for you to be right more than you are yourself! 🙂

          4. LE

            You know in sports I agree with you and possibly that is where you are coming from. Because in sports if you cheat then who cares if you win? (At least the way I see it).However in a tight economy where survival is at stake then things are a bit different. And for that matter I guess in sports where future fame and fortune is at stake then that’s different as well (as opposed to local sports where I am thinking it’s only the pride of victory or close to it).Here’s the thing to think about. Anytime we have people who have cheated they still for some reason end up being people that are cared about and respected. Not by everyone but they have a leg up on the guy who didn’t cheat it seems. That’s sad but the reality. [1]In politics it’s clear that Hillary did some bad things and in business it’s clear that Trump did some bad things. However in the end that behavior seemed to pay off for them, there are plenty of people that are willing to give either of them the time of day (because of what they have achieved) that would ignore them if they hadn’t gotten to the point they are at now in life. Unfortunate but the way it is.[1] One example might be Lance Armstrong.

          5. falicon

            Yes – cheaters do win and often get rewarded handsomely for it (and rarely get admonished because of it).Still not how I try to play anything – even if it means I end up in obscurity and don’t have as big of wins as I could…I know that makes me a sucker, but I’m at peace with it 🙂

          6. LE

            I don’t think it makes you a sucker at all. Because your makeup doesn’t allow you to get pleasure unless you earned something. I am the same way. I don’t want any credit for something that I didn’t earn or do. Others are different. They can get pleasure even if they didn’t earn a title or victory. They are fine with it. Everyone is different. I am ok with that.Now remember I have this saying ‘you can only be as honest as the competition’. So in that case if everyone else is cheating then you might very well be a sucker if you don’t play the game the same way, assuming you continue to play the game. Because by the ‘rules’ you will lose.An example of this is negotiating. People are often not telling the truth. So when in Rome…(or at the car dealer).

  4. LIAD

    we’re just going to get hit again and again. scandal after scandal. vomit-inducing behaviour left right and centre.PTSD – post trump stress disorder will take hold. expect a flight to escapism and anti-anxiety self medication.truth is we are all living in a Trump world now and it’s fcking frightening.+ see Kakistrocracy – http://jury.me/blog/2016/11

    1. Gotham Gal

      Kakistocracy <http: jury.me=”” blog=”” 2016=”” 11=”” 19=”” kakistocracy=””>Committed to memory.

  5. awaldstein

    There is no explanation.I feel it it going to get worse and continue that way.Till we struggle through this or he breaks a clear cut law and is gone.Challenges everything we thought was true. And right.

  6. CCjudy

    This is our statement as you speak for so many of us. Government – checks and balances – is asleep at the wheel drunk with power. Yet I ask myself as we all must what I can create in the midst of this madness

    1. Gotham Gal

      That is exactly how I feel. What can we do? Government is so drunk with power. That is what people were voting against.

      1. Matt Kruza

        sincere question. do you favor smaller / less powerful govt. and did you feel this way with our current president? I am seeing this many with liberals / obama supporters. Obama (and bush too) greatly expanded executive orders and presidential powers. Now it is being wielded potentially by someone you don’t agree with. ON the face of it you seem to be saying you want a smaller / less powerful govt, a heavily libertarian and conservative argument but I don’t know if that is really what you support. Just a matter of how you frame it you know?

      2. Delia Kanaan

        We can start by authentically defining the issues. This well-researched article written by an unaffiliated voter provides at least a starting point. We can only change what we factually understand.http://www.huffingtonpost.c

  7. Erin

    I mean, he’s going to court on Dec 20 for that child rape case. Maybe that’ll bring about something??

  8. Emil Sotirov

    You mention the 40s… yes, exactly – the Dem party should have come up with a New New Deal platform for these elections. Because we were already (before ever Trump entered the scene) very much in a pre-40s social structure. But no – we came up with a Clinton. The Dem elites showed a total lack of understanding of historical context… borderline to being simply stupid… or perhaps, even worse – simply greedy for preserving wealth and privileges.

  9. JLM

    .The solution is at your fingertips:http://www.donaldtrumpvoodo…The Donald Trump Voodoo Doll, complete with reusable pins. At only $9.95/each, it is the perfect stocking stuffer. It can be used both domestically and internationally (like if you moved to Canada — never understood this, Mexico is so much more pleasant at this time of year).You can probably swing a quantity discount.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  10. pointsnfigures

    http://thefederalist.com/20… Maybe this article by a white urban female that voted for Trump will help.

    1. Donna Brewington White

      I would love to talk to this woman. Or rather listen to her.For a brief moment I tried to share another perspective by tweeting a post by an American Muslim woman who voted for Trump, a post that came up as a suggestion by Medium while reading a protest post by Mark Suster. Suddenly, I had people whose Twitter names begin with “Deplorable” retweeting me and following me, and anti-Trumpers criticizing me for sharing the post. I just thought it was fascinating to hear this perspective and wanted to share it. It unintentionally became a political statement.One of the things that has happened as a result of this election is that I have been sensitized to people I had completely forgotten about. It’s been heartbreaking, actually. For instance, Appalachia.What if the proceeds from one night’s performance of Hamilton was used to feed a rural community in West Virginia? Just a thought.Politics is easier to deal with than people’s pain.

      1. pointsnfigures

        You are correct. I am very worried for people that are singular in their vocation. For example, if you lived in an area that was 100% Trump, it would be very hard to voice your opinion otherwise. You’d have to be very careful, almost secretive. The reverse is also very very true. As an out of the closet Republican in a very Democratic area, it’s hard. There is discrimination. My gut is that the mainstream of both sides want similar outcomes-but the paths to get there are very different. I suggest we work on something that both sides have expressed all kinds of interest on-food.

        1. falicon

          That is the craziest part of this whole thing – I really do believe both sides actually/ultimately want the same things…but one says we should go way right to get to it, the other says we should go way left to get to it…the middle is clearly not an option as we can all see the fault opening up in the ground there…and we can’t stand still because the lava from the volcano of history is right behind us…but the truth is, nobody has a reliable map – so we stand here and argue.

          1. awaldstein

            In concept I agree. And I am an optimist.But no they do not and that is the problem.

        2. Donna Brewington White

          The lack of forum for sharing differing opinions, especially when the results can be punitive, is one of the reasons for the divide and maybe partly to blame for the situation we are currently in as a nation (but so many other reasons). Also, the labeling that happens so, so quickly.So, I am “that” black person who throughout my life (since elementary school!) white friends and acquaintances feel that they can ask their race-related (especially non-PC) questions without being judged and oh the things I hear! So many misconceptions cleared up over the years through dialogue or at least getting things out in the open. And I have had to work hard not to be offended or hurt by the questions; to be disgusted by the conditions and ignorance that breed the questions without disliking the person.Chicago Republican. Ouch. I guess you’d be fine if you could move to Winnetka but no tech there.

    2. falicon

      It’s a really interesting article (so thanks for sharing it).If I’m understanding her, she voted for Trump because he’s not politically correct and she believes we need to do away with political correctness in the world…and specifically, her point is that by doing so people will feel empowered to voice their point of view regardless of how it might be received…and in doing that we will then be able to publicly debate, criticize, and shame those that the majority feels are wrong into changing their mind (and actions)?…but she posted this anonymously because she’s worried about the public debate and criticism her opinions would likely cause her? Seriously?!Personally – I think this paragraph sums up her real stance completely:”Tolerance is about existing in a place of discomfort and disagreement. Much like other qualities like courage, patience, or fairness, tolerance is a virtue. But for so many issues out there—gay marriage, abortion, immigration—there is a subset of liberals (the illiberal left) who believe there is a right and wrong way to view such issues. Those who hold the wrong view are deemed undeserving of tolerance. May the gods of progressivism have mercy on their bigoted souls.”I could be way off base here, but I interpret that to basically say “I would love to speak out about something like gay marriage and how I think it’s completely wrong, but I know too many people will be offended and oppress me if I do”…it’s not political correctness or even tolerance that is the roadblock here, it’s the fact that she fundamentally knows good vs. bad manners and doesn’t want to publicly cross the line…but oh if only manners didn’t matter in public anymore…then my opinions could be shared and we could really start to advance society!Or put more succinct: “I should have the right to complain, without people complaining back. Those of you complaining back are the *real* problem.”Anyway – I believe that there *is* a right and wrong way to publicly view such issues – and that is to be tolerant of them regardless of your personal beliefs and opinions.If you agree with them, great (you prob. aren’t talking about them much except to defend the belief when pushed). If you don’t agree with them, ok (but probably keep that to yourself since when you talk about them it’s most likely to attack those that do or are living a certain way you don’t agree with).That’s not being liberal, leftist, or PC…that’s just basic manners while living in, participating in, and being a decent person in society (i.e. letting people live their lives — especially when how they do it *really* doesn’t effect how you live yours).

  11. panterosa,

    The phone vs email thing says so much about “it’s ok for me but not for you” mentality, the great trap of parenting and moralizing. What about a level which is ok for everyone?

  12. Jeremy Robinson

    I love your well-articulated outrage. We should all be this self-aware! We had a “white lash” as Von Jones has described it. But even worse, I believe we stepped back to the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas Days where voters decided they’d rather elect an incompetent man of bad character than a competent woman. I don’t believe we’ll see a woman US President in our life times. I hope I’m wrong. As to what ill deeds Trump will plunge the country into, this is why citizens need to keep peppering his Administration to be accountable to the other 50.5% of the population who voted as a majority for his opponent. Trump fits the profile of the South American Dictator. We can already see him moving in that direction in trying to enact laws that will compromise free speech and secure roles in his Administration for family members. Our democratic country depends on us as citizens to preserve our freedoms. Please keep speaking out!

  13. Mariah Lichtenstern

    I’m guessing you might have seen this petition by now. It surpassed original goal of 4.5MM and is now going for 6M. The electoral college can (and must!) consider all the points you’ve raised and several others in deciding whether to go with the popular vote or not. If they uphold the popular vote, Trump will be dethroned.https://www.change.org/p/el

  14. bijan

    I couldn’t agree with you more. These very questions keep me awake.I bounce between sadness, anger and a drive to make things better in the mid term and in 2020.

    1. Gotham Gal


  15. jillynyc

    Please explain to me who can stop any of it! Aren’t there laws about intermingling personal business with that of the country? Aren’t there ways to stop any of this legally? Then maybe I can sleep again.I need smarter people to explain to me how this can be policed…oh and the fact that my NYC tax dollars are paying to protect him? What can we do about that?Need a support group ASAP!

    1. Gotham Gal


  16. jason wright

    https://youtu.be/nluFQWANo4wwTake a moment to escape the MSM’s monopoly of your mind. Yes Trump a deeply flawed person, but Hillary Clinton…