A week on the slopes

We are spending a week on the slopes with family.  Trying to do nothing but ski, relax, eat and read and in no particular order.  This is the extent of the day….Fred is the other person on the run.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Jeremy Campbell

    Great shot, have fun, skiing and snowboarding is so enjoyable!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I do both! back in skis much harder bc the new equipment skis for you.

  2. awaldstein

    Skiing is my panacea for most all. None for me till next month though.Enjoy!

  3. JLM

    .Headed to the ‘Boat in the AM. Nothing like an uncluttered, groomed slope to clear one’s mind.I note that both Utah and Colo have about 60″ of snow so far this year. That’s a good start but it needs to keep snowing. No storms for the next week and sunny.Enjoy.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  4. daryn

    Looks perfect. One of these days our children will be interested in skiing/boarding and we’ll be able to get back on the slopes ourselves!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Kids love what their parents love. Get them to ski school

      1. daryn

        After our last attempt led to the great meltdown of 2013, we’ve been hesitant, but it is probably time 🙂

      2. Steve Zerges

        Do you know how to get in touch with Dory Bergman? We found her phone about an hour ago on sidewalk on 8th st between B and C.

        1. Gotham Gal

          Random question. Why would you think I would have that?

  5. pointsnfigures

    Have fun. People go to the Rockies in the Winter to ski. But, they stay for the Summers. (what my friend Jeff Spadafora told me about moving to Colorado)