Last day at Miami, Basel

We saw just the right amount of art and stayed the right amount of time.  I could see doing this every year.  It is really nice to get out of the city for a few days and put a different head on.

aquaToday was about the satellite shows.  We began the morning at Aqua.  Aqua is set in a motel.  Each gallery takes up a room.  The concept is really clever.  Makes you feel as if you are going on a studio walk.  Each space is small and the work is definitely emerging.

statueThis is one of the multiple plexiglas statues from Hebru Brantley.  This one is called “Lil Mama” from Vertical Gallery.

otherstatuPilot Girl by Eda Tasli was another one.  This one is from Gallery Selvin.

soldierValerie Carmet takes objects and puts them inside bodies.  This one is of an officer filled with GIJoe pieces.

sculptureA simple colorful object by Philip Melling.

masksMore of the work from Hebru Brantley.  Fun masks.

bongOne gallery carried only artistic bongs.  The prices are not low as they start at around $50K.  Who knew.  We got a kick out of the gallerist and the assortment of glass bongs.  This one is a take on the supermarket honey bear.

scopeOur next stop was Satellite Art Show.  Satellite is held in a hotel as well.  Each room is taken over by a gallery.  The majority of work here is really pushing the envelope.  This is in the lobby.

hallwayHere is what the hallways look like.

robotThe rabbit by Anton Kropotkinsky.  It was really cool but having that wire on the front was not the way to go.

printsPrints of black musicians.  The entire room was set up to print.

roomwithcabinAn installation based on Antartica by Jim Ovelmen.

bedroomA room turned into a tropical bedroom.

bathroomAnother installation in a shower.

vikmunizThen we headed over to Pulse.  Have always been a fan of Vik Muniz’s work.   We finally pulled the trigger on this one.

wavesSaw more video art at this show.  Yorgo Alexopoulus at Bryce Wolkowitz.

yarnYarn work by Adrian Esparza.  Seeing a lot more material art.

pinkMirrored Acrylics by Amelia Toelke.

fbazaarWe headed back to the Faena hotel.  They had set up a bazaar across the street.  Clever idea.

atriumbAtrium in the middle.

outdoorrestaurantWe did a little R&R before heading out for dinner.  We went to Mandolin Aegean Bistro in the design district.  Should have come over to this area and walked around during the day.  Next year.  The majority of the restaurant is outside.

gerekHad a really good meal.  Greek salad.

fishWhole fish and more.

Made our way back to the hotel.  No night parties for us. Instead we took a walk down the beach before heading to bed. More thoughts on the art world tomorrow.

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  1. awaldstein

    LIked the hotel changed into a marketplace.Back when I was buying and publishing video as part of my computer gaming responsibilities for creaf, they used to take one of the hotels on the West side of LA, take everything out and each one was a producer or distributor with content to license.Crazy fun way to do it.

    1. Gotham Gal

      super cool. its clever and totally fun.