new years eve

I have never been a fan of New Year’s Eve.  The celebration of leaving one year and moving into the next.  Yet there has to be a point where one year separates from the other.  Years reflect a time of each of our lives.  A good year, a bad year, the college years, the teenage years, our 20’s, our 30’s, our 40’s and so on.

 The last ten years has been the start-up years.  Technology has changed everything.  Every vertical has been touched.  We seem to be running at a faster pace than before with access to constant information.  Our world has become flat as that information comes in from around the globe 24/7.
The political shift around the globe, particularly here in the US, makes me wonder about the state of democracy.  It also makes me wonder about the future of the next ten years.  The next ten years won’t look like the last ten.  2017 is the beginning of that shift.  I just feel it.
I am not necessarily excited about this shift but cautious, curious and a bit fearful.  I am truly an eternal optimist and that has worked well for me over the years.  There is always plenty to be optimistic about but this year but for the first time ever I feel as if I am walking on egg shells due to the political upheaval here at home.
Goodbye to 2016.  A tumultuous year that moved too quickly from the pace of technology that I feel we will look back at this year as a fork in the road that sent us down another path.  That is how life works.  Change, movement and shifts.  As I said, cautiously optimistic.