Texas and abortion

Every woman who I have known to have had an abortion did not take that decision lightly.  Each woman that I know also had money and access to make that heart-wrenching decision.

Recently there was a study completed with over 1,000 women over five years that women who had abortions did not experience more depression, anxiety or low self-esteem after the procedure.  That is one of the issues that have been part of the debate over the years since Roe v. Wade made abortion legal.  Those psychological issues actually increased for women who were unable to have the procedure.

The study says something about the resilience of women.  Women are counseled around the traumatic effect on their personal health when in fact it isn’t exactly true.

I firmly believe that women should have access to abortion.  If men found themselves with an unplanned pregnancy I can guarantee you that abortion would not be a constant debate with the hope that the law gets repealed.  A group of men couldn’t even handle a new birth control study that was similar to the pill because it made all of them irritable, acne-prone and gain weight.  Hence all the men dropped out of the study.  That says it all.

Texas has just passed a law ending Medicaid for Planned Parenthood which could affect over 11,000 women.  These women rely on Planned Parenthood for birth control, cancer screening, HIV tests, healthcare issues etc.  Essentially the Texan government has decided that they will not give the underserved access to healthcare with their nickel.  There are plenty of thoughts here particularly that anyone with money has access to healthcare so screw everyone else. It says very little about Texans carrying about their fellow person (woman ).

Let’s fast forward on their ridiculous right wing forcing religious values upon the people in Texas who need and use Planned Parenthood for their healthcare.  These women don’t get pre-screenings for anything so a percentage ends up with cancer that will drain on the medical system because they will be treated in hospitals once the cancer takes hold is expensive.  That would be the tax payers paying for this vs paying for early screening.  On the other hand women who need birth control (yes everyone has sex) might find themselves with more unplanned pregnancies.  They must have those children even if they can’t afford it, have no job and are living in areas that might not be the best for raising a young child.  Fast forward these kids end up not being productive members of society but kids who drain the healthcare system. Perhaps they find themselves lost and grow up without graduating school with zero prospects like their parents and find themselves in prison.  I am painting the worst picture but what Texas is doing is just continuing a cycle that no child should have to live through.  Planned Parenthood is mostly about preventative pregnancies although what is touted is that they are abortion clinics.

I am disgusted by Texas and the passing of this law.  I’d like to hear from each of the men who passed this law how many women do they know that have had an abortion (guarantee they have zero idea), how the women in their life get to freely go see a doctor when needed. It is ok that the women in their life have a roof over their head and access to anything that they want but it is not ok for the women who need access to public health because they don’t have the money to pay for it.  Many might be deciding between the cost of rent and food and healthcare comes last.

Shame shame on them.  Texas’s move on cutting off Planned Parenthood is not only shameless it is short sighted as it is creating a long tail of costs that will continue to grow as the years continue.  The data is that women who have access to healthcare and everything that comes with that end up in a much better place.

Oh…but of course what is data and information?  It appears that our new leader Trump falls under that category too.  Just shoot from the hip and push their own ideals on everyone else because they control the law and don’t think about the big picture.