We just spent the last few days up at Sundance.  The snow never stopped the entire time we were there.  It was more of a winter wonderland on the mountain than it was in town.  One day we saw four films.  We need to come back next year and do a few days like that.  We saw some people who had seen 15 films in 3 days.  Impressive.

We saw many movies, some better than others.  These are the movies we saw.  Mudbound, an epic film set in rural Mississippi pre and post WWII surrounding a white family that owns a farm and the black family that sharecrops on the property.  This movie is bound to be a big film for all to see.  Wilson, a lonely nutty man played by Woody Harrelson who is in the midst of figuring out his own mortality.  Menashe set in the Orthodox community about a man fighting for his son after becoming a widower.  A glimpse into a world that very few of us have exposure to.  Marjorie Prime, follows years of a family who brings AI holograms to live with them after the relative is deceased.  Really did not like this film at all.  Roxanne Roxanne the true story of the rise of Roxanne Shante in the 80’s.
The highlights for me were The Hero and Patti Cake$  The Hero has already been purchased so hopefully it will be coming to a movie near you soon.  Sam Eliot plays an aging movie star who finds out he is ill and comes to terms with his past and his mortality.  This film is fantastic.  Every detail is thought through.  The characters are layered, the conversations are thought provoking, the acting is superb. Just loved this movie.
Patti Cake$ is set in New Jersey where we meet an aspiring female rapper and a cast of characters.  The young actors are just starting out in their careers and they are each wonderful.  Killa P is the female rapper who dreams of stardom while trying to take care of her ailing Grandma, bringing home the rent and figuring out her life.  So good.
Next year more films…

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  1. awaldstein

    Big fan of Sam Elliot so that one is on my watch list.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I am still thinking of his movie.