Beauty and the Beast

When the kids were young, Disney was run by Michael Eisner.  He looked at the assets that Disney owned and engaged a whole new generation of Disney devotees.  It was brilliant.  Snow White, Pinocchio, and others were now available on DVD.  They also created a few new movies such as Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. Not only could you buy the videos that had special release dates, there were stuffed animals, pajamas, and other items so that if you wanted to you could have an entire bedroom done in the Lion King motif.

Fast forward, Disney is now taking all those assets and creating new movies that are in 3D mixed with actors and animation.  We will get to watch them all again and Disney is adding a new group of fans to their base.

When the kids were young, I am pretty sure I saw Beauty and the Beast at least 50 times….and I loved it.  I went to see the new and improved version of Beauty and the Beast this weekend starring Emma Watson.  Of course, I went with my girls.  I bumped into someone I knew there who was with her Grandchildren.  Her Grandaughter, who was maybe 5,  told me she had seen the video and was beyond excited to see the film.  Absolutely adorable.

I loved the film.  Classic Disney feel good flick.  Certainly, a more updated version that is politically correct and that is good for the next generation of kids watching these movies.  Hats off to Disney.  If I had the DVD, I might just be inclined to watch it again and again and again…

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  1. awaldstein

    I’m a Disney fan like all of us.The day we closed the contract with Disney to do the first 3D film with them–Chicken Little–was truly a milestone for me.BTW–there is a great gen-xer podcast called GenPop that i listen to that reviews pop culture and they did a show comparing old and new versions of this. Super interesting.

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. daryn

    We’re actually at Disneyland right now, and watched Beauty and the Beast a couple nights ago!They did a great job with the movie, and going through the parks, and seeing the wonderment in our kids as we went through the different attractions, gave me new appreciation of the true magic Disney develops.

    1. Gotham Gal

      we took the kids to disney twice. it was “magical”.