the very LOUD minority

The chaos that ensued in the past few months in our country is unsettling.  It has created anger, frustration, and certainly angst.  It is like nothing we have ever seen.  It is always important to figure out how we got here.

There is a conservative force that is well funded by very wealthy white men who want to ensure that they remain in power.  Power includes the agenda of keeping their bank accounts well funded, making sure that women do not have rights over their bodies, allowing a free-for-all when it comes to the environment, cutting back taxes that erode all safety nets for anyone without pockets as deep as theirs and certainly having no interest in empathy towards their fellow person in this country or anywhere around the globe.  There is more but those are the highlights.

In the past, when a new President is sworn in, the country unites.  It is one of the high points of how we transfer power in this country.  That did not happen this time.  We have seen people demean this Presidency in such disrespectful ways that it is mind-boggling.  Not surprising because when Senators dissed Obama on the floor in ways that we once believed to be unfathomable, it opened up a can of worms for everyone.

The majority of millennials and certainly Generation Z seem to be more liberal in their social views.  Some might be fiscally conservative but they believe in gay rights, immigration, weed, income redistribution and that means healthcare for all.  The conservative force has been hell-bent on making sure that their voice continues on to the next generation but it is difficult when this generation tends to socially lean left.   They are not happy about rolling back policies that are in line with the future.

On college campuses, the conservative speakers that have come to give speeches, be it Berkeley or the University of Buffalo are being drowned out by the majority of students.  It is the small sector of conservative students who are fully supported by the capital intensive conservative force that is working on getting those right-wing voices to campus.  The anger we are seeing on campuses is the same type of anger we are seeing across the country.  The majority of people are not happy with the current Presidency.  The polls have proven that as Trump’s approval rating is shy of 38%.  Considering he has only been in office for a few months, that’s not a pretty picture.

The voices that we are hearing are perhaps the voters that came to the polls, the voices of the minority as he did lose the majority vote by over 3m.  The minority, the right wing, the conservative force is loud and vocal.  Loud and vocal takes up too much space in the media.  The media are amplifying the minority voices with deep pocket books because it grabs eyeballs but the silent majority is finally becoming louder.  Our future is not going to be run by conservatives, it will be run by a new socially in tune with the majority of us voice that I hope is a lot more organized than the current Democratic party.  Things must change.  The louder the majority becomes, the less angst, the majority of us will have.