Paris…art and food

First stop this morning was the Pompidou.  The Pompidou is one of my favorite museums.  There is always an interesting installation.  Right now, Walker Evans is the show.  Evans was an American photographer/photojournalist who also worked for the Farm Security Administration documenting the depression.

In many ways, the show is timely.  Evans essentially documented human dignity during the Depression as well as the country growing through transportation thanks to FDR.  I read an article this past week about the explosive growth in China around the building of bridges, roads and transportation in order to connect rural communities with urban communities.  As China grows at a rapid rate, we are watching our infrastructure age.  Evans photos of the roadside places is what made America American.

The photos he took of people during the Depression showed their true suffering in their eyes.

He also captured labor.

Then we walked through the Marais, one of my fave neighborhoods.  We went to Minzon for lunch.  About 7 years ago we went to Tel Aviv and had lunch at Abraxas Tzafon.  It was fantastic and very memorable.  Ends up Minzon is the same owners.  Highly recommend going.  There is always a line and the place just rocks with 90’s music cranked up.  We had a few things but I could have ordered the entire menu.  The roasted cauliflower is a must.

The plate of ratatouille is so good.  Chunky and insanely flavorful.  The condiments for everyone to take from are tahini, pureed tomatoes, spicy roasted peppers and a spicy vinegar sauce.  They are the key to everything.

We also had the chicken salad sandwich.  Pulled poached chicken roasted with a light very lemony mayo, lots of chopped cilantro and thinly sliced red onions stuffed into a warm soft pita that soaks up the sauce.  So good.

Our next stop was the Grand Palais to see the Rodin museum.  This year Rodin would have been 100.  The installation must have been crazy considering the weight of these pieces.  George Baselitz

Always a fave, the Kiss.

A few pieces from other artists that followed in Rodin’s footsteps.  I loved this Antony Gormley piece.

The rest of the afternoon was strolling and shopping.  Can’t go wrong doing that in Paris.




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  1. awaldstein

    Abraxas is on my list. My kind of place in my fave neighborhood there.Unfortunately not passing through Paris on my next trip in a week.