Bolde…a place for women and now cards

Harleen, the founder of Bolde, has put her finger on the pulse of building a community for millennial women.  She came to see me and I was impressed with what she had built with basically no capital and the traction she was getting.  It isn’t surprising if you look back at her career in media that she came up with Bolde.  And yes, I invested in Bolde.

There is now an addition to the community and content…cards.  Bolde’s cards are designed for single women, the fastest growing demographic among women (for the first time ever there are more single women than married women!). The collection includes friendship cards, breakup support cards, and even cards for exes. There’s nothing out there like this. But there should be! The cards are designed to make a big emotional impact on women in their 20s and 30s and they do just that — they are very powerful and absolutely give you a chuckle.

Buy them or if you are a business that wants to add this humor to your e-commerce platform (subscriptions boxes or just e-commerce businesses) contact Bolde.  We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Twain Twain

    We all need to back this on Kickstarter! ‎Andrew Sassani, Medical Director at Magellan Health, is writing the “Little Girls, Powerful Women” book. I’ve sent him a suggestion to change book title to ‘SUPER Girls, Powerful Women’.https://www.kickstarter.com