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I rarely promote events but I have always been a fan of Nelly Yusupova who is the founder behind TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs, a 2-day Bootcamp on October 21-22 in NYC.

TechSpeak is taught by Nelly, a seasoned CTO who teaches entrepreneurs how to communicate with, understand, and manage their technology teams and projects efficiently.  She can because she has done it herself.

You will learn how to:
* Plan, in detail, your entire mobile and web applications so your tech team knows exactly what to build (including wireframing, prototyping, tech specifications, budgeting, etc).
* Speak the Tech lingo so you can effectively communicate with your developers (saving time and money by eliminating communication breakdowns)
* Manage the project — even if you’re not technical! — and catch mistakes early.
* Implement Lean and Agile practices into your development process and your company culture.
* Hire the right tech people for the right roles.
* Outsource and off-shore your development without getting ripped off.
* Deliver projects on time and ON BUDGET.
* and much much more!

The program will help you to be able to see the red flags & catch mistakes earlier saving you valuable time and money.

You learn techniques, tips, tricks, and the most effective strategies for launching on time and on a budget.

“After 3 years in business, TechSpeak would have saved us close to half a million dollars in delays, development costs, and sleepless nights.”
Eric Dosal, Co-Founder of BrightGauge Software

Register before August 16 to receive $500 OFF the regular price plus receive an ADDITIONAL 10% discount by using code JW10.

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