Last day at the art shows, Miami

Untitled is definitely one of our favorite shows at Basel.  Sitting in a large tent on the beach so the light is amazing.  Here are some pieces we really liked.  The sneakers by Alan Belcher at MKG127.  All hand painted small pieces.  Kind of love these.

What is incredible about this piece is how it is made.  Small pieces of wood create the face and they are all hung together by being sewn with thin plastic string.  Aime Mpane at Haines Gallery.

Not sure who this was by but was drawn to the colors.

Have always been a fan of this work by Hans Op de Beeck.

Didn’t catch this artist.

Got a good chuckle out of this.

We really liked these concrete suits all representing suits of architects.  Aljandro Almanza Pereda.

Saw a lot more pieces that used materials.  It is hard to see the labor of work with these strings.  Natasza Niedziolka at Sean Horton.

Derrick Adams.  We have been looking for one of his pool pieces forever.  Now we have one!

Not sure what the deal with these shoes was.

Deborah Roberts at Fort Gansevoort.  Missed out on this but really like her work.

Then we went over to the Perez Museum which wasn’t that inspiring.  This piece was cool by Yoan Capote.  This was all made of wire and plastic.

Video installation by Dara Friedman.

We went back to 1-800-Lucky and it was open.  The front room is a record store that also plays tunes, the big room is four different restaurants like a food hall and then outside is a big bar and a place to hang and enjoy.   Super smart space.  We had some dumplings that were pretty good.

And a Szechuan salad with a plum dressing.

We are big fans of Derrick Adams work.  He has an installation at Primary Projects called Black White and Brown.

This is part of his TV series.

Particularly loved this photo.  He did this piece when Obama was in the White House.  The meaning is quite different now.

We quickly went back to the hotel and got ready for dinner at Stubborn Seed.  Beautiful presentations of food.  Particularly loved the open kitchen.  Not a fan of the sharing thing with small plates that could easily be your own.

This was the best thing we had.  This is a thin cracker slathered with chicken liver pate.

We barely made it back to the hotel we were so tired.