10 plus stops to see Art in Chelsea

Spring is off to a slow start in NYC but April always is.  We took Saturday to walk around Chelsea starting at the Whitney to see the shows up in the galleries.

The Zoe Leonard show that is up at the Whitney is a nuanced installation of her past and the continuation of the present.  These suitcases represent one of each year she has lived on this planet and will continue to add to it as each year passes.  Years ago we went to the Maxxi museum in Rome and there was a piece of suitcases all strung together that looked like a huge wall.  It was represented Holocaust victims and the luggage they took but left.  I still think of that piece.

We stumbled into the Heller Gallery with a show by Ivana Sramkova.

The series of new buildings from Markus Brunetti are really worth seeing at Yossi Milo.  Great write-up in the NYTimes on the show.

Claudia Weiser at Marianne Boesky.

Year of the Dog, Oliver Laric, at Metro Pictures.  Really cool animated video in the front room with these pieces in the back.

The staircase in Metro Pictures is really one of my favorites.

Loved this body of work from Stan Douglas at Zwirner.  Scenes from the NYC blackout.

This one in particular.

We stopped in Barbara Gladstone, The Kitchen, Greene Naftali, Paula Cooper, Sikkema Jenkins and Gagosian too but the photos are of my favorites from the day.  One thing that I noticed that I have never seen before is many of the galleries have prices next to their listings that you can take around the gallery.  Usually you have to ask.  It was great to see.  A major breakthrough in the art world!

We also stopped in Story that has a very cool install up right now around the workspace.  Loved this.

And this of course.

But this reminded me of my blog.  My grammar could definitely be checked.

Last stop was pizza at Artichoke Pizza.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday in NYC.