Full day in London

The Royal Academy of Arts has a summer exhibition every year, and this is the 250th this summer.  There are many things I love about this show and the Academy.  First of all, the people who sit on the board and oversee the place are only artists and that includes architects.  The organization is not funded by the state but are reliant on private donations.  They also provide educational classes that bring in revenue.

British artists apply to be part of the summer exhibition.  If chosen, your work is hung in the show and sold by the museum.  My guess is a part of those proceeds goes to the museum which is another way they continue to run.  This particular piece by William Powell Frith, in 1881, of people waiting for the preview.  In many ways, the show has remained the same.

We were lucky enough to have a tour of the galleries that now hang different pieces from each era of the summer show.  It was really interesting.  This piece by Tracy Emin was picked up by a private collector of the show in 1977.

The show itself is huge.  One room is dedicated to just architectural pieces.  This is the grand room.  There are pieces from up and coming artists to ones that are just starting out.  Here the playing field is equal.

This Hockney sat in one of the rooms.  It is even more amazing in person.

We walked over to Sotheby’s after to see the pieces that were going up for auction in the days to come.  It is always fun to see the pieces prior to the auction.  It is always the best hits of the best artists and many pieces you have never seen.  This piece by Fernard Leger is amazing.

This Chagall is pretty awesome as well

Another stop to see art at the Photographers Gallery.  There is an Alex Prager exhibit marking her career as well as a book that just came out.  We have collected her work and so it is exciting to see her photos and films being recognized.

Had a desire to check out Old Spitafield Market.  It is a covered marketplace that has been around for hundreds of years.  The market was redesigned in 2017.  To some, it is gentrification of a predominantly Bangladeshi community and to others it is great.  Classic push pull in changing areas.  There are some good food stalls and a few little shops.  The place was packed.  We had some dumplings from the Dumpling Shack.

We also had this street food sandwich at the Pleasant Lady Jian Bing Trading stall.  It is a crepe, topped with egg and vegetables and a choice of protein.  They spread it out evenly and fold it up, adding in a large crispy noodle.  It is definitely interesting but I found it a tad too salty.

Instead took the last brownie at St. Johns before walking around the neighborhood.

We made our way back to the other side of town and stopped in Dover Street Market.  I did not realize they had moved into a totally new space.  Much larger than the last one although I admit I missed the intimacy of the old one.  Always a fan of this store.  We had a quiche to split at the Rose Bakery on the top floor before heading back to the hotel

Dinner was at Gymkhana.  The smell of curry is so good the second you walk in the door.  The old school British pub feel with the Indian fragrances works wonderfully.  

Had a few dishes.  Highlights were these spicy shrimp, and I mean spicy.

A few curries for our main courses to split.  Honestly, we were so exhausted at this point, we were just thinking of going to sleep.  Long day and one more left.


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  1. Dennis Mangalindan

    I’ve been telling my wife about your blog and your love for culture, art, food, travel and of course investing. One point that you made in a previous post is how your familiarity with Paris has grown and equals that of NYC. My wife and I are both avid travelers, love the idea of exploring new countries but also feel a certain pull to/from cosmopolitan and diverse cities. My goal is to become a ‘local’ in several international cities so that we can move about with ease and comfort much in the same way we do in Manhattan today. Thank you for the inspiration, your photos often times make me hungry and your snapshots of daily life make me pause from my day and reflect how truly lucky and fortunate we are to be able to enjoy such simple pleasures. Keep up the great work!

    1. Gotham Gal