Paris, Art, Furniture and Food…favorite topics

We had a treat this week which was a trip out to the Carpenters Workshop Gallery near the Charles De Gaulle Airport.  We went to look at the work of artists that create functional pieces of beauty.  We had seen some of these works before but getting a peek into how works are being made was a totally different experience.

The place is HUGE.  A large warehouse that is somewhat of a labyrinth inside.  We began in the gallery located in the Marais before heading out.  I am just going to give the highlights and it is hard to choose.  This lamps white puffs are of dandelions…obviously not easy to make sure they are there for life without being blown away.


Chair for two.


This lamp is incredible.  Inside the lamp (hard to see) is the artist fixing the time.  It is a video.

Large sculpture with seats.

Materials for the wall.

A lamp.  I am a huge fan of this lamp.  Not the first time I have seen this work.

Beautiful table and chandelier

The bench.

We went back to the Marais and walked through a bunch of art galleries.  Nothing drew me in until we got to the Aleph Bakery.  Delicious Middle Eastern pastries.

Next door it appears to be a semi-permanent Azzedine Alaia exhibit.  Just one room with a nod to some of his top designs.  He resided in the Marais.  His quote looms in the front, “Je Suis Courtier”.

Dinner this evening was at Le Servan.  It is the third time I have been back.  It is delicious.  The flavors are amazing, the dishes are well balanced, the place has a great vibe and all and all I can hardly wait for trip #4.  We began with their delicious black pudding wontons with a spicy chili sauce.

Mussels with Thai curry and spicy bits of red chili peppers.  We had these two together for the first course.

The second course was hand rolled pork stuffed dumplings lightly rolled in a light yet rich broth of pork with a hint of Thai basil and covered in soft seaweed.  The other dish is diced pieces of raw cuddlefish, fava beans and a spicy Thai oil with hints of lemongrass and basil.

Hmmm…we loved it.

Our main courses we had crispy roasted pork over an eggplant terrine.  The chicken, although simply prepared, sat in a green curry sauce made of coriander, lime, Thai basil, and anisette.

Had to get a dessert after all 3 glasses of wine in each, it was hard to resist the classic Paris Brest.

We opted to walk home.  An hour and a half walk, through the streets, on the Seine, and past Notre Dame.  Pretty much a perfect day.



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  1. Sarah

    Reading through I was thinking that this would pretty much be “a perfect day” and that is precisely how you wrapped up your post. It is the perfect blend of something I would not have stumbled into ( Carpenters Workshop Gallery) and would love to see. Plus the meandering discoveries (food & walking) that Paris delightfully provides. Thank you for reminding me of past trips and ones to come.

  2. Julie Lerner

    Question: last year you wrote about a clothing store in Le Marais (I believe) that had a great curated collection. Do you remember the name by chance? Thanks

    1. Gotham Gal

      Tom Greyhound.