There are so many amazing things about Jewelbots.  Let’s start with the company was founded by two female founders who code themselves, their product is making an impact on young girls (see the video), they have struggled (like many in the hard goods space) to raise capital but are still standing only because they believe in what they are building regardless of having very little cash (and they honestly need it).  Seeing an 11-year-old woman gave up on the stage at the Red Hat Summit in front of 6000 people just says it all.  Investors might not believe in this but obviously, this young girl does.

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  1. LE

    Great video. This is so cute. I think the compelling thing about her speech is that she seems very real for her age.[1] I think that is exactly what is needed to convince parents. My point is she doesn’t come across (when speaking) as some super ‘uber polished advanced for her age girl’ but more or less exactly what you would expect from an 11 year old complete with the nervousness. Often when you see young people who are in this situation they somehow seem advanced and you kind of mark it off as ‘well this is off the bell curve not my kid’. This is not to take away from her at all. Just to state that I think it’s very real and that is good in terms of convincing others of the value of the product and who gets value from it.[1] Of course she is probably very advanced for her age no doubt (just the way she appears is more typical age wise). I dated a girl years ago and used to take her 10 year old daughter out to eat at the deli when her mom was working. I remember having adult conversations with her and thinking ‘wow she will be something one day’. Although I am not in that relationship anymore I found out that the girl ended up going to the Bronx High School of Science and is now at Cornell. It doesn’t surprise me one bit given my interactions with her. (She even called me up on the phone after we brokeup to try and get me back with her mom (long story..))