We are in the midst of so much change and turmoil.  Millennials and Generation Z think about their careers differently than past generations.  I had dinner with a group of women with young children who are plotting their careers very differently than the women of my generation.  They are all figuring out how to keep their career and be present in their children’s lives.  They are all driven by different things but the prevailing factor is continuing to work with their own rule book.

I spoke to a founder this week who said something that stuck with me.  His parents assumed that he would graduate college and move into the world of investments and banking.  That is what they expected for him.  Instead, he is an entrepreneur, on his second business.  He told his parents that he did not want to follow the system but pursue his own dreams.  I am seeing more of this every day.

Some people are driven by happiness and others by financial success.  The up and coming generation seems truer to who they are vs the past generations.  They are taking different paths because different paths are available.  Most people in their 20’s are not going to take a job somewhere and be set for life but go through several jobs figuring out what works and learning along the way.  Those who find themselves unhappy in their careers feel comfortable making moves that past generations wouldn’t have made so easily.

I have always been enamored with the European lifestyle where family, friends, and meals were more important than anything else.  Essentially life came first.  Millennials and Generation Z are putting life first and I really believe that doing has a long-tail of better economies, better communities and overall just a better mindset for everyone.


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  1. Pointsandfigures

    I don’t mind the Euro lifestyle. I do mind the way Euro govts work. Never want that in America. There is a reason we left.

  2. Semil Shah

    What’s your POV on the role of sacrifice here? Previous generations had to make some big sacrifices — going to war, losing loved ones, working two jobs, etc. — do you view sacrifice as part of the equation? If yes, where could it come from?

    1. Gotham Gal

      I am not sure sacrifice has to be a part of the equation but giving back to your community should be. I’d love to see the US implement something similar to Israel yet the one-year commitment to the country could be anything from teaching to IT to farming.

    2. NoGold

      Semil – did they make these sacrifices or was there no choice?