Shifting Winds

We will be living in rentals while our construction is getting done.  We will be a bit nomadic this year.  It pairs well with my state of mind.  

Granted it is the end of the year which is typically time to reflect on what worked in the past year and what you are wanting to achieve in the next year.

I have plunged deep into our projects taking on the management of one project and the design of two of them including a third that was more of a fix than start to finish.  I am loving it.  Where this leads me well who knows

Having conversations with women on my podcast is always inspiring.  I truly enjoy talking, meeting and amplifying everyone of these women’s voices

I have this feeling of being out in the ocean letting the flow of the water bounce me around in an enjoyable hypnotic state moving up and down the shore.  It is a place that I have worked hard to get to and for right now I am very much into doing things differently.  

We are in the midst of a big move this week. Perhaps because we can’t help ourselves but it is more about how we are now living our lives.  We have embarked on a variety of construction projects that have all overlapped each other at the same time.  Some are places where we live and others are not.  Just shifting winds.

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  1. Guest

    In terms of preferences for residential real estate: do you prefer something that is brand spanking new or an older more mature/historic structure that is renovated to current standards?

    1. Gotham Gal

      We take everything down to the studs and start again

  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    It would be fun to see before, during and after photos of your projects (if you were up for it).

  3. awaldstein

    Enjoy it.As I travel more and work from everywhere as most I’ve discovered that I hold stronger to my habits and completely not to my routines which change place to place.I’m sure you find this yourself, especially as this nomadic period in in full motion.Happy holidays to you and your family!

  4. Jenna Abdou

    Congratulations, Joanne! Wishing your family and you the best and a happy and healthy new year! Hope you’ll share pictures of these projects once done 🙂

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      jennaabdou wrote

  5. Donna Brewington White

    Wishing you all the best in this time of transition and excited to hear more!

  6. jason wright

    It’s not quite what you are doing, but i’ve experienced the nomadic ‘lifestyle’ and it can become addictive…in a positive way. The sense of being untethered is intoxicating.