Women, Women, Women

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We were walking through the airport and Fred pointed out two adorable young sisters wearing the same t-shirt. It said “I am not bossy, I have leadership skills.” I wanted to walk over to those two girls and give them a high-5. Perhaps that is a sign that change is actually happening.

Everywhere I go I hear the word woman. I overheard some women talking about their film and they said people want to put money into more female directors so timing is great. Another VC asked me again if I knew of any women that would be a good fit for a partner. Companies are making a point of hiring more women (at least the ones I know). There are some powerful women out there who are not holding back. It is time and it feels good.

More women than ever are running for office. Even Beto said that if he won the nomination he would more than likely choose a woman to be his VP acknowledging the incredible women who are running for the Presidency alongside him. More women are starting companies. More women are figuring out how to work and raise a family at the same time. A universal childcare act would be of help here.

The tide is rising. On the Circus this past Sunday (a worthy political show), Alex Wagner, who is one of the 3 journalists on the show was out there walking side by side with politicians asking questions and she is 9 months pregnant. Have never seen that before. I mean come on, even Captain Marvel is a woman.

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  1. JLM

    .Living in Texas and having had a full dose of Beto Senate 2018, I can say with assurance that I would vote for any woman before I would vote for him. He is a quintessential girly man in his own right.I am not likely to vote for Kamala Harris, but she is infinitely more qualified to be President than Robert Francis O’Roadtrip.You do women everywhere a disservice feeding the ego of someone as poorly qualified as Robbie by suggesting he would appoint a woman VP if he were nominated.Frankly, that is the thinking you should be trying to stomp out in the gender skirmishes.Fight for the top of the ticket, not the crumbs.Maybe a woman candidate could live stream a bikini wax.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…