A Spring week in NYC

Last weekend was Passover. If done right, Passover is a great holiday. Good food, conversation about history be it Pharaoh or the plagues, it is also the beginning of spring.

It is so nice to walk. We walked over to the Whitney to see the shows. One is called Spilling Over: Painting Color in the 1960’s. Those colors and the paintings are pretty incredible. I loved this one called Gamma Delta by Morris Louis.

The other show up is Where We Are from 1900 to 1960. The themes are family and community, work, home and the spiritual nation. Edward Hopper’s iconic paintings is own vision of American life in 1948. The Whitney Biennial will open in a about two weeks and very much looking forward to it.

We popped into Untitled for a light lunch. It is located on the main floor of the Whitney. The food is creative and the space is airy. Roasted sunchokes with crispy bacon over a whipped blue cheese. It was quite decadent.

The journey continued up the Highline. Always good art on the journey. The Zaha Hadid building that overlooks the Highline and the roof of David Zwirner gallery filled with Max Ernst pieces never gets old. We finished up our walk at the Shed to see the first theatrical performance called Norma Jeane Baker of Troy. I wish I could say it was incredible but sadly I can not. I found it painful to watch.

One night this week we went out to Pratt to see a conversation on Food, Design and the Future. It was a panel moderated by Anita Cooney, Dean of the Pratt School of Design with Peter Kim, ED of the Museum of Food and Drink, LinYee Yuan, Founder and Editor of MOLD magazine and Emilie Baltz, Technologist, Design and Multimedia Artist. I knew a lot about the conversation they were having so it was really interesting to hear their takes about the importance of design in the food world including sustainability although they believe in regeneration which I completely agree with. Great talk.

Later in the week was the opening of the Spur at the Highline. It is a pretty epic moment because the walking areas of the Highline are now completely open. The Simone Leigh piece that sits firmly in the midst of the spur is epic as she oversees the bottom of 10th Avenue.

Grabbed some sushi at Sushi Nakazawa where we hope to become regulars.

Adding a bonus that Three Owls opened up the street from us. Something sorely needed in the hood. A sit down/takeout/grocery shop with a beautiful rotisserie.

All and all it was a pretty good week.

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  1. jason wright

    “It was quite decadent.” I wonder what’s totally decadent in NYC (?).”MOLD magazine” – yummy. funny.