Casa Future

The Future Perfect was open in 2003 showcasing furniture designer editions. The gallery has continued to grow into something unique. They not only carry furniture designers but also work with high end large companies. Think of it as a well-curated gallery that also provides fabrics, Italian furniture and editions. Through this growth they now work with architects, designers and consumers.

David Alhadeff is the brains behind the Future Perfect. His next move is Casa Future. He took a 5 year lease on 8 St. Lukes Place in the West Village of NYC and created a home with all of their products. You have to make an appointment to see the place but overtime my guess is that will change and they will use it as a place for designers to meet or events to be held.

I made an appointment to check it out. A light airy brownstone that has been gutted and renovated by a European financier.

Each floor has been perfectly installed with almost every item, company and person that they represent.

As we start to think about the changing of retail, this is an interesting move in a different direction. Not sure what the ROI will be on this but conceptually it is definitely interesting.

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  1. jason wright

    It’s a lovely looking space.