The Guns

Most sane people want comprehensive guns laws with the hope that we can deter gun violence. Certainly it is one step towards awareness because young anger is rampant.

It is quite obvious that the people we have elected are incapable of getting anything passed for change. Tit for tat and the inability to come across the table seems impossible. The group from Parkland unveiled their plan on gun safety this past week. Those kids are now college age and I so applaud their commitment to this issue.

What is impressive is their plan is one that could and should be embraced on both sides of the fence. The fence has to come down. That these young adults could come up with a plan gives me hope for a next generation of politicians. I hope we have reached the tipping point of anger in this country and will move into a place where we can all agree to disagree but work together in a way that creates more equality

Here is the plan:

  • National licensing and gun registry
  • Ban on assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines
  • Mandatory buy back plan for assault-style weapons and a voluntary buyback for other firearms
  • Limit of one purchase of one firearm per month
  • Establishment of a national director of gun violence prevention who would directly report to the White House
  • Raising the minimum age to buy guns from 18 to 21
  • New multi-step system that would include in-person interviews and a 10-day wait period before guns purchases are approved.
  • Licenses reviewed annually
  • Peace Corps style program that would pay young people to work on gun violence prevention for a year in communities and non-profit groups.

It is not making guns illegal but being smart and thoughtful about having the right to purchase and own guns with laws in place to hopefully protect all of us from people who should not be able to buy a gun or multiple guns particularly assault-weapons and high-capacity magazines on a whim.

The purchasing of a gun should be as serious as the laws around it.

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  1. pointsnfigures

    Who isn’t against the shooting galleries that happen or the random gun violence that happens? Even gun owners and NRA members like myself are against it. I might take a different approach though.1. When you buy your first gun, mandatory educational courses on how to use, clean, maintain and the “ethics” around handling it. The more educated people are with their firearms, the more respect they have for them. Maybe you have to take a recurring course every 5 years or so administered by an organization like the NRA. People tell me that when they take a concealed carry course, you walk out NOT wanting to conceal carry. I plan on taking one this year to find out more about it because I don’t own pistols, but am seeing situations where it might be nice to own one.2. A much better mental health program in the US. Almost all of the mass shootings were caused by people that were mentally deranged. Most of the killings from guns are suicides. That points to mental health. Again, I’d use entrepreneurs and private companies to figure this out. ( for example) 3. Our schools need to rethink how people enter and exit buildings. Having one point of entry with an armed guard might be a good idea. 4. Maybe look at legalizing a lot of drugs. Some of the violence in cities is due to turf wars. However, friends tell me it’s escalated way beyond that to a Hatfield’s and McCoy’s type feud.The other stuff is too bureaucratic. It will just employ paper pushers that don’t do anything. On assault weapons or high capacity magazines, I see your point but you can 3D print big magazines. A good shooter can change magazines quickly. Many guns also look scary, but are merely scary looking versions of existing firearms.The other problem is that legal gun owners follow the rules. It’s the criminals that don’t. They are going to get guns and commit crimes. Or, in Chicago the politicians are in bed with them so they can “get out the vote” so they pay lip service to the problem and look the other way.

  2. awaldstein

    Honestly, I see this as nothing but logical and reasonable.Wonder whether making the manufacturers liable is also something to consider.

    1. Gotham Gal

      me too

  3. Semil Shah

    I feel like someone could just adopt this platform almost as a single-issue and win the nomination.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Wouldn’t that be nice?

  4. Ruth Yoerg

    Most law-obiding Americans who own guns don’t kill innocent people, but it’s the ones who buy guns on the black market who do.

  5. pointsnfigures… It would be nice if reporters didn’t breathlessly write clickbait headlines and reported stuff before really delving into the facts. This is an example.