Labor Day

Today we should all be thinking about what labor day means particularly when our country has been built on the back of immigrants from far and wide. It is the laborers who have helped our country achieve economic success.

We are going to wrap up the summer and take our show back to city life but plan on thinking about what is happening at our borders and the need for some strong political will to create smart laws around immigration that make sense.

Comments (Archived):

  1. awaldstein

    Yup!Every Labor Day I think of my grandfather.…The value of hard work and responsibility.Have a great one!

    1. LE

      Re: The post that you linked to. I am old enough to remember going to both Grossingers and Stevensville with my parents. I have a picture of my grandmother at my Uncle’s wedding. She was in her 50’s but honestly you’d think she was late 70’s.

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