Fox News

I have been noticing that in every doctor’s office, hospital office and airport that the hanging TV providing us with background noise is always Fox News. Why?

Fox is spewing out an agenda that is not exactly neutral journalism. NYTimes, WSJ, Washington Post all have their own slant but they do not spew made-up tales.

I am glued to my Twitter feed watching the impeachment. It is just fascinating watching the day to day events. It comes down to what is right and what is wrong. There is so much wrong with the world but having wrong powermongers oversee our Government for themselves instead of holding up our constitution is beyond words.

Who knows how this will all turn out. It certainly will send a message one way or the other to our children, the world, elected officials here and around the globe and our next President.

Having Fox stream all day long everywhere is crazy. It is brainwashing in real team. How do they get that channel to be everywhere? Does Fox pay those locations to keep it up? I drives me crazy!

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  1. awaldstein

    What fascinates me as I watch this moment in history is how different it is from lets say 9/11 because of the mediums of 2001 we have the web but no social media and it drove us to trusted parties like the NYTs and NPR and to meet with people face to face and to startups like MeetUp.Today I am experiencing this through Twitter and podcasts and the podcasts are from those same trusted parties.Feels very different.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Def feels very different

  2. Jay Trien

    What airports had Fox on TVs? It’s always CNN in any airport I’ve been in.

    1. Gotham Gal

      JFK, SLC, La Guardia

      1. Jay Trien

        Perhaps, but not outside of US where it’s only CNN.

  3. David A. Frankel

    I have noticed that too and agree, it is definitely a little weird. And can be triggering one way or another.Along these lines, I actually have been finding myself paying MORE attention to Fox News recently in order to counter balance my social media feeds and help me get a more complete view of the spin on all of this outside of my own filter bubble. So while I may snicker or roll my eyes at the spin, I’d rather hear first hand what the conservative side is being fed.Unfortunately, whether it is gazing at Twitter feeds or watching one news channel or listening to radio pundits, I think most people just want to get spoon fed the stuff they want to hear….and these days, unfortunately it seems it is political spin, not Judge Judy or Price is Right…..

  4. LE

    Fox News. Why?This is an easy one. Simply find out who the people are that decide what goes on the tv. In the Doctor’s office that’s one of three people. The Doctor, the office manager or the receptionist. You can simply ask at the risk of offending the decision maker. Ditto for the airport would not seem hard to find the answer to the question.Now I will point out that a long long time ago at a business that I owned there was a local radio station that sent us radios that would only play their channel. Nice radios actually. The channel was ok so I think we used it. Of course if you wanted to open it up you could pull something and tune to something else. How many people have heard of that practice? Probably not many.That said note that if you have a TV in an office or public venue (bar or otherwise) you pay a different rate for TV service because there is an audience. Might be something with that as a reason as well. (Fox makes a deal with the cable provider to allow their channel feed w/o extra charges).Ditto for internet. I can order internet for my own office and pay one rate. But in a shared office (that I rent out (with multiple tenants)) Comcast (and I assume other providers) won’t allow you to feed one connection into the office and then allow multiple tenants to use that (at the same rate). And not only that they will literally drill a new cable through the wall into the extra office and setup separate billing. [1][1] We always point that out to them when we order because it’s only fair they get paid extra.

  5. Matt Kruza

    doctor office and hospital skew obviously MUCH older in terms of patients vs regular population (in general, sure could be a few exceptions), and older electorate is much more politically conservative. Definitely a potential factor…

    1. Gotham Gal

      Age might be the driving factor of politics today

  6. LE

    Look everything is out of control with the news..Here is one example (and why in part our healthcare costs are skyrocketing in part).This article (in a more or less respectable local paper) claims in a headline that ‘dry eye if left untreated can lead to blindness’:…It even mentions the advertisement by the Pharma company. By the way all these ‘cures’ (that are now heavily advertised on TV) are as a result of the patents expiring on blockbuster drugs. So now we have niche drugs which are costly and advertised for such life threatening conditions as ‘psoriasis’.Now if you go right to the American Academy of Ophthalmology site you see their opinion that Dry Eye doesn’t cause blindness. At least in any direct way that should make anyone spend money on some prescription or treatment.…(Note that with anything opinions on things by experts (what I call ‘white men are wrong’ or ‘white men changed their mind’) vary over time. However ‘dry eye leads to blindness’ doesn’t pass even the common sense test.)I do get your point about ‘trusted’ source. But keep in mind that the ‘trusted source’ is under financial pressure which means they are less likely to take the time to offer a fully circumspect view of the facts which they were able to do in the past when they had a boatload of print advertising coming in and little competition.

  7. Anne Libby

    The tyranny of screens everywhere makes me think of the film version of *Fahrenheit 451* They’re at the gym, the airport (what seems like a special CNN airport feed is a pet peeve) in private vehicles, offices, and increasingly on the streets…exhausting.

  8. John Herron

    I was in my athletic club last week while Sean Hannity on Fox News was promoting a point of view of the impeachment process completely at odds with what I read earlier that day from NYT and WSJ. I left stunned – what do I believe and why? “Not exactly neutral journalism” is something that applies to NYT as well as Fox. When a biased opinion is added to news, is it still news? I think not.

    1. Gotham Gal

      certainly questionable.

    2. JLM

      .Wow, you just discovered that the NYT and Fox News are at odds? Have a different slant on things?Different POVs as it regard impeachment? Who ever would have thought that?JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  9. jason wright

    “neutral journalism” – where is it to be found?

  10. pointsnfigures

    Funny, I never see it in public spaces I go to. Always CNN or MSNBC.

  11. JLM

    .Better get your eyes checked. What you watch in most US airports is a channel known as “CNN Airport Network” which provides the content for food courts, lounges, gate areas, and clubs (clubs almost always have Fox in addition on a different monitor at the opposite end from the CNN monitor) at most of the big airports in the USA.The content is a blend of CNN and HLN.CNN Airport Network pays for this right.Part of their programming is “local” which could be a local Fox affiliate, but it can’t be more than 10% daily by agreement. The local content cannot be a local channel showing national news.JFK, La Guardia, and Salt Lake City are CNN Airport Network subscribers, so you can’t be seeing any Fox in the gate areas.…Restaurants that are not part of a food court can have their own feeds for content, but few actually do.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…