Mind Games

In my head, I am still young. Not young like 16 but young like my 30’s where I had the ability to just plow through anything although that continued for a few decades. I could always fill each day with more things that most would consider not humanly possible but for me, it was how I rolled. Ends up, age makes it more difficult to do.

I have been under the weather for about a week. I finally woke up on Sunday morning with the knowledge that this thing is almost at its tail end. I missed out on the Upfront Conference which is the one event I go to each year and enjoy catching up with people. I managed to have two dinner parties while under the weather because life goes on but honestly I did have that aha moment waking up every morning and not dramatically feeling better from the day before. My head was fuzzy and my reaction time was a tad slower.

Putting together the dots here is not hard. As I flow into something else, as I have written about, such as sitting on some more mature boards, or doing less on a daily basis, just like being kicked on my couch for a few days, that there is joy in giving myself that space. It is hard to describe but it is about paying more attention.

At Sundance, there is a great line in one movie, that continues to race through my head. “You are already the hero of your own life you just haven’t discovered it yet”. Perhaps age, perhaps being sick, but as the hero of your own life, if you pay attention, you can decide whether or not to leap tall buildings in a single bound….or not.

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  1. Pointsandfigures

    At least you haven’t been to China, so you know what it is. Get well soon.

  2. LE

    I managed to have two dinner parties while under the weather because life goes onGoing to go all parental on you here and say that the way I roll that’s a big mistake. When you are sick you should limit any interaction that could cause you to have to fight off more things than you can handle. Dinner parties are not essential (and you know that). Socializing can wait.When I was younger my Dad had his heart attack about two weeks after he first felt symptoms. This was the time of the NY Giftshow (2 times per year). So about a week before the show he is trying to catch a train and he feels something. He ignores it. Why? Well he had to be at the show no way he could miss that to important for business (where he got the majority of orders and the big buyers were (as well as the, um, ‘nudniks’)). So he took the chance and honestly maybe it was a reasonable chance given what he felt he had to do. But you know he paid for that (not what a heart attack is today) for the rest of his life. [1]But put your self at further risk (and yeah I get it’s only ‘a cold’) for a dinner party? Not the same.Yep I get ‘it’s only a cold’ but that’s the way I feel you focus 100% on getting better unless it’s just a ‘can’t miss’ thing.[1] The heart attack not only weakend him physically but was what led to his brother figuring out that he could rely on his son and then what caused the split of the business. My uncle found out that what my Dad did his son could do (because my Dad had spent his time teaching his nephew everything about the business).

  3. lisa hickey

    What I love about this post is the idea that we can flow into new chapters of our life which may be challenging, may be beautiful — and, if we let it — can be both.

    1. Gotham Gal


  4. jason wright

    Give it the full fourteen days.