I rarely watch TV. It is one of those things that I just gave up. It happened over time. When I was a kid, I was a TV person for sure. Loved all the shows. When I had kids, I stopped watching shows except of course for Rug Rats and Doug. The last weekly episodes I watched were Six Feet Under, The Sopranos and Sex and the City. I wanted to read when I had my own time and TV just kind of dried up.

So now when I watch TV, I am fascinated. I don’t mean the content that we see on Netflix that are short films but the sitcom stuff we see on CBS, ABC, and NBC. What is interesting is the advertising is geared towards appealing to a broader audience which is good to see. The myriad of faces on TV makes an impact on people.

Then I watched the debates on CBS this week. What happened to journalism? The people interviewing the Presidential candidates were abysmal. It was like watching the morning show that is no longer journalism but light-hearted nonsense. I used to watch the Today show when I was in my 20’s with Jane Pauley. She was a journalist.

David Wright, ABC’s correspondent was suspended for being caught on tape by the evil right-wing Project Veritas. David Wright is allowed to have an opinion and I happen to agree with his opinion on how ABC is handling their job as a company that has the power to report real news. Why does ABC want robots with smiley faces not pushing the media to dig into what is happening to our country?

When did we dumb down as a nation?

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  1. William Mougayar

    “robots with smiley faces”- so true. the set-up is so doctored. it’s like someone is pulling the strings on these puppets.

    1. Gotham Gal

      it is appalling.

      1. William Mougayar

        I like watching european TV. the reporters/anchors are more inquisitive. there is more depth in the conversations.

  2. jason wright

    Computing devices for content and communications platforms make the television seem absurd. It’s a dog that’s had its day. RIP.

  3. JLM

    .Television has never really been all that good when compared to a good book.Haha, good one: the “evil” right-wind Project Veritas — hard to find fault when all they do is show video, right?Fair play if they edited anything to move the needle, but they won all those lawsuits.If you show people in an unguarded moment, why can’t it be believed?The Dem debates were a shit show because of the candidates, the lack of diversity for the diversity party, the issues, the format, and the low quality of the answers. The Reps were every bit as bad last time around.We should have substantive discussions and debates rather than this hatchet jobs with the “gotcha” media. The moderators really lost control.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  4. LE

    Then I watched the debates on CBS this week. What happened to journalism?There must be a really good reason why they can’t implement a microphone cutoff if a candidate speaks over some assigned time allotment. And so they can’t as easily talk over another candidate or blurt into a topic.And I think I figured it out.If implemented the spectacle won’t be as interesting to watch. And if less people watch less advertising gets sold. So to my point they want it to be a show like reality tv, a mess, so part of the lure is the back and forth and imperfect behavior by the participants. Why would they then take steps to eliminate the behavior and make it easier to get actual information?

  5. Pointsandfigures

    Uh, David Wright is a socialist who was deliberately skewing the news. That is the big problem with news is they skew it so badly. Instead of reporting, they “create” it. The economic incentives of clicks screw with the way it gets produced, reported etc. There is little critical thought. The debate was ugly, the moderators terrible-and it only helps socialists like Bernie.From the liberal The group’s (Project Veritas) sneaky surveillance has uncovered someone speaking profound truths about how commercial pressures have skewed corporate media’s political-news values — not toward making things up, but toward turning it all into shallow, value-neutral entertainment.Try Better Call Saul, MadMen, and Breaking Bad if you haven’t watched em. Great teevee.

  6. rebeccastees