Entreprenurial Resilience

Instagram is the killer app. We all have spent too much time just scrolling through the posts wasting countless hours but now it is a bit like a strip mall in LA. You can take an exercise class, learn how to make a dish for dinner, listen to an artist play music, learn how to make a cocktail and of course see what your friends are up to, the artist you follow or the designer that interests you. All in short sound bites.

Instagram forces people to be creative and clever or you don’t get traction. I am watching companies evolve over Instagram and it is amazing. That is what honestly makes this country so unique. People are rising to the challenge of helping out even when there is no Federal Government giving any directive. Titos is making hand cleanser, other companies are shifting to make face masks, people are rethinking their businesses on how they can make an impact right now and at the same time keep afloat.

As investors, we invest to create a return to our investors or ourselves. More important we invest to impact the economy. Companies create jobs and bring us into the future. It is not the time to stop investing but time to regroup. Look at your finances, think about what makes real sense and put capital into the economy.  That is an investors job. 

In frothy times people tend to be more cavalier about the capital. When times are tough we see the real cream rise to the top. Personally I like to always operate at a scrappy pace as I have made almost zero investments the past two years because it looked too frothy to me.  I am not a fan of froth although I get it. It is the entrepreneurs who are figuring out how to change in these times and what they believe is coming around the corner.

I mean look at Cuomo.  Who knew?  He’s become the beacon of honest light. So what comes next?  I am not sure but it’s time for the best and brightest to truly put their thinking caps on and for the investors to put capital into those companies and founders.

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  1. jason wright

    People first, companies second, and government last and least.