This Picture Says It All

The pandemic has shown America’s cracks in our system but racism has exposed all of America’s flaws down to its core. We have reached a boiling point thanks to Trump fueling the fire and our streets have finally exploded.   It was bound to happen.  Colin Kaepernick took the knee it was peaceful yet powerful.  He got dissed from the establishment.  That anger was not going to be swept under the carpet instead it has now become violent.

Weird times for sure. Nobody knows what the future truly looks like. I fear for what it will look like if Trump is elected again or if he refuses to leave the White House.  We could look like Hungary.

Our country needs to completely reorganize the police across our country.  Longer training, police who patrol neighborhoods need to be part of and/or understand the community, cast a wider net of new cops whose families are not in the force.  We shouldn’t fear the police.  That’s for countries like Russia.

As everyone sits home during the pandemic it is time for all of us to stand for equality and get behind Black Lives Matters.  It’s actually shocking how far black Americans have got based on how much more difficult it is for them to move up the ladder.  Thankfully there are more and more super smart successful black Americans who have risen to the top across our country. The resilience and strength from many in the Black communities who have lived with suppression and fear should be applauded.

Hatred and racism is taught.  We need to stop teaching it. Our country needs a new direction that includes all Americans through job opportunities, education, healthcare for all and more.

This did not need to be violent but if you are pushed down again and again and again, it is difficult to remain silent. I hope this is a wake-up call to Americans. Go out and vote, get involved in politics, support the fundamental changes that need to take place.

When this pandemic is over, we need to find a new path to leadership and a country that cares about all of us. We are a democracy, not a regime.