Impeding Freedom?

Where did the notion that freedom means being able to walk around without a mask during COVID with an AK47 slung over ones shoulder?

In NYC if you are pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt you can receive a ticket and get up to three points on your license. 50% of drivers who are killed in a car accident were not wearing a seat belt. Seatbelts save roughly 15,000 people’s lives a year. It is a safety issue for everyone.

Since 1980, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) have saved almost half a million lives. Most states consider drunk driving a felony. I support that drunk driving is illegal so people don’t do it.

You can’t get a drivers license until a certain age, depending on the state. You can’t buy liquor until you are 21. Cigarettes can’t be bought until you are 18. Can’t vote until you are 18. Can’t sign up for the military until you are 18. Can’t work until you are 18 unless it is a certain kind of part-time job as in kids in this country are not sitting at factories working at 13. All of these are laws that our country holds for a reason. Is that taking away our freedom?

Both drunk driving and seat belt wearing have had non-profit organizations do a great job of educating people to obey the rules. Is that impeding freedom? You can’t murder someone, you can’t break into someone’s home, you can’t steal someone else’s property, you have to pay your taxes and you have to send your kids to school vaccinated. Those are just a few laws that create a civilized society.

The politicalization of mask wearing has created this anger from many who believe that wearing a mask is taking away their freedom. I have seen nurses in North Dakota describe how people are dying in hospitals and refuse to believe that they have COVID because it doesn’t exist and die angry instead of connecting with their loved ones. How awful is that?

How about the freedom of those trying to not get COVID? Would those people feel the same way if someone broke the law by driving drunk without a seat belt that crashed into their families car and ended up killing someone they loved?

Masks save the spread of COVID. Anyone who protests that wearing a mask is impeding their freedom should be locked up inside their house where they can walk around without a mask until the pandemic comes to a close.
Perhaps there should be a law around that.