The Galas

I never liked the chicken dinner events. There are possibly one a week during the fall and spring when galas are held for nearly every non-profit organization in the city. These are serious social events. Reality is some are really fun and others are torture.

Getting dressed up is always fun. I am dying to get dressed up. When this all ends I might have to make a deal with myself that I am not allowed to wear sweat pants again except for Sundays. Certainly should not go out of the house in them.

Non-profit is always a struggle because the cash comes from donors unless you can figure out how to make money from either an organizations curriculum, product, admission or commerce. Nine times out of ten there is still a fundraising gap. Hence, the gala.

Galas raise awareness and raise cash. What will the galas look like on the other side of a pandemic? We have all changed more than we realize. Our day to day lives have halted. The pandemic has given us all plenty of time to change how we live our lives or think about how we want to live our lives.

On the other side, I am looking forward to for more parties, more cultural experiences, more cocktails and no painful sit down dinner with god awful speeches. Sometimes it isn’t good to give certain people a microphone. Let’s have people come together to celebrate an organization they love without the pomp and circumstance. We will all be rewarded.