Technology has seeped into every industry. What happens when every vertical run on top of a tech platform? There is still plenty of room to go. How will that change everything else?

Will we be able to understand our individual bodies in a completely different way when prescribing drugs or plant-based medicines?  Will we be able to lower the cost of medicine and healthcare? Will we begin to have a global world where it doesn’t matter where you lived to do your job?  What will the impact be on the American economy?  Will this change how we live?  Will we live more like Europeans with smaller fridges and living space?   Will we shop locally?  Will the malls become social community country clubs?   Will cryptocurrencies help connect the world and take down banks and bad Governments? Will social media settle into something more positive? Will education transform so everyone across the globe can be educated with ease?

We are in such a strange, strange place.  Just thinking about what we will look like in a decade is mind-boggling?  Things move quicker than they did in the 50s.  It doesn’t take twenty years to see a massive impact change.  I hope that technology changes everything so that the market shifts push more equality and nobody lives below the poverty line.

We need change in a positive direction, and I believe that technology will get us there.