Is Anyone Else Cranky?

Yesterday I woke up cranky.

I got a few emails from friends who said the same thing I have been thinking. I am so over this pandemic. One of them is incensed that they woke up not being able to smell or taste. How the fuck did that happen? We all know the reason because this vaccination has become a ridiculous political platform that is weighing heavily on our country and the medical community. This is how bad shit happens. How about we don’t vaccinate our kids for polio and diphtheria and see how that plays out. It won’t be pretty.

Then, of course, there is Afghanistan, Morroco and Algeria, kids returning to school, anxiety around Delta, wondering what is real and not true in the media, summer ending yet knowing we are still in lockdown, wearing a mask, the sad state of Haiti, homeless and too much more. I always pay attention to what is happening around the globe. We also try to make a difference by giving back and supporting organizations, but yesterday it just felt overwhelming and sad.

Perhaps it is the reality that we will be living in a virus environment for longer than I thought. I always look forward to the Autumn season in NYC with new plays, new menus and restaurants, new fashion, new museum shows, and just the exciting beat of the street. It won’t be the same, but it is what it is. I realize I am just lucky enough to be able to experience it period.

I am generally an optimist, and that isn’t to say there aren’t a lot of exciting things happening, but the ongoing pandemic feels like a cloud hanging over our heads that never seems to go away….and it is making me cranky.