Being Back in NYC

What a week. It felt like NYC has always felt. Evening events, delicious food, plenty of walking, and just enjoying the beat on the street. We have certainly seen more homeless, who have been aggressive in a scary way, and a slew of drug addicts nodding off or sleeping on the sidewalk in different neighborhoods. That is not good, and unclear what anyone is doing about a solution. It is so sad, upsetting, and bad news.

We kicked off Monday with the Public’s fundraiser in Central Park at the Delacourt Theater. Walking through the park, eating outside, and then sitting under the stars seeing Shakespeare is somewhat epic.

Tuesday, we went to the American Express pop-up on the East River to eat Jon and Vinny’s delicious food from Los Angeles. The waterfront is so beautiful, and then behind us is the FDR drive. Extremely NY!

Wednesday night was the annual High Line art event honoring Cecilia Alemani, who has made an incredible impact on the art program on the High Line. Me, Fred, my brother, sister-in-law, sister, and my brother’s best friend for pretty much his entire life, so he is family too. We walked the HL, looked at each of the installations while making our way to the party. Here is a pic of the group.

We had dinner on Thursday night at Da Toscano’s. The food is so good there, but this olive oil cake topped off the night.

Friday night, we checked out Vestry for dinner. This nori chip with salmon and yuzu tokibo kicked the meal off right.

We love walking home after a good meal.

Saturday had a bit of shopping to do and had quiches for lunch at the Rose Cafe, located in Dover Street Market.

Dinner was at Via Corota, where you can’t go wrong. No pics hit the wall.

Sunday we were inspired to take a long walk to Bayard Street in Chinatown and back again. We went to Bo Ky. It is amazing how this place is always full. The woman who runs the seating is one tough cookie. She runs that place with a tight fist. Lots of Chinese is being spoken here. I had the Chicken Curry Flat Noodles—one of the best tasting curries I have ever had. No doubt I will be craving a desire to have this bowl again in a few weeks.

It does feel really good to see the city start to get back on track.