60 years and counting

Birthday gift, piece by Sally Saul

Today I turned 60. That says plenty—sixty years of experiences. Sixty years of luggage continue to accumulate in my brain and body. Sixty years of relationships, some have come and gone, thankfully others have been around for a long time.

At my core, I have not changed that much. Luck would have it; I am blessed to have a life partner who is similar in our never-ending curiosity to grow, build, and try new things constantly. We have been blessed with three outstanding children who are our pride and joy. They have made us better people, just as Fred has made me a better person since I met him.

My curiosity has given me multiple careers, but of course, all the dots always connect. What I have learned from one experience has come along for the ride into the next experience. That is one of the beautiful things about age. Simply put, experience.

Is it weird turning 60? Sure, but honestly It is just a word, and a state of mind but age is age. Sometimes I think I should be kicking back and taking it easy. Maybe I will at 70.

So today, I plan on spending the day relaxing, thinking about the year ahead, maybe even taking a nap. I am 60, and it seems to fit just fine.