Back in Paris

Being back in Paris feels like reconnecting with an old friend. We are so familiar that it feels as if we just saw each other yesterday. That we can begin where we left off. Nothing is more comforting than returning to a place that we know so well that we can enjoy just being in each other’s presence. And, of course, the smells of butter oozing out of each patisserie warms my heart.

The first thing was to get tested for Covid. It must be done every three days unless you can get the confirmation from France acknowledging your vaccinations from the states. Trust me, we applied for this way in advance, but to no avail. Macron cracked down on those not vaccinated, so even as a French person, you must do this as well unless you have been vaccinated or you have zero interest in ever leaving your home. It is no longer free and costs 25 euros.

Once you have done the deed, an email is sent to you, and with a click and enter your birthdate, the information uploads into an app, and you are good to go.

Our first stop was Cafe Flore. Always a crowd pleaser and down the street. We felt at home.

The afternoon was filled with errands and relaxation before hitting up Huiteres Regis for dinner. We have been countless times, and it is always delicious. The only thing that has changed, post-Covid, is that you must now make a reservation. Lucky for us, one couple didn’t show. We started with sardines and bread. Not much to order here.

Moved into a good Sancerre, four different types of oysters and shrimp. That’s it.

Walked home with smiles on our faces looking forward to another day in Paris.