Hood Code, A Podcast with Founder Jason Gibson

I had the utmost pleasure of crossing paths with Jason Gibson. He is a man with a big heart, an entrepreneurial mentality, and a large hardworking family behind him. Growing up in NYCHA, New York City’s Housing Authority buildings, at thirteen, he began to do what every other kid his age does. Hang out with their friends, try to act like an adult or an idiot, get stoned in places you shouldn’t be. If you live in lily-white neighborhoods, you get in trouble, but you don’t get arrested and begin a record. The only happens in places like NYCHA and underserved communities. That record has now screwed you at age 13.

Jason spent forty-five months in jail for his small-time drug empire. He was never going back to prison. He educated himself, read countless books, got a legal degree, and vowed to make sure other kids growing up in NYCHA get access to opportunities he never had.

He started Hood Code. He is building a non-profit company, a brand, a community, a website, and a new way of life by teaching kids how to code. Jason understands that access to understand and build technology is number one. His program is built on top of Scratch. He knows his audience and how to make sure the kids keep coming back.

The podcast is a worthy listen. Hearing Jason’s story is powerful. The team will launch a YouTube channel for Gotham Gives, and I hope to do a podcast once a month with other organizations that are truly making a change.