Let’s Meditate and Medicate

We got to LA, dropped our stuff, and went to meet some friends for a bite. As the year comes to an end, someone said, do you think we have hit rock bottom yet? Damn, those are NYer convos, not Los Angeles words. No wonder people want to leave the workforce. Nobody wants to operate at the level we have been working at for a long time. People are also over the daily onslaught of political lies and media wrangling for more eyeballs. Can we even come back from this?

I propose we continue on the one path that makes a tremendous difference in our well-being; meditate and medicate. The apparent need to pay attention to one’s mental health has accelerated. The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of paying attention to our mental health. One could say that anger, stress, worry, and sadness have reached epidemic heights, but I believe those issues have always been there. Now we are just more open to talking freely about them.

How could it not be? Depression, anxiety particularly in younger children, are on the front lines. We are all figuring out to live like ordinary people is not normal times. We might get rid of the acceleration of different variants, but we are not getting rid of the new normal. That means new education and work models as socialization changes.

I am a big fan of a society where everyone takes some anti-depressants, speaks to a therapist at least once a week, and uses other types of medication to make them happier humans. There is nothing wrong with that. Are we finally changing the narrative that it is ok to medicate? I certainly hope so.

Getting back to rock bottom. Have we hit it? The world continues to evolve, but with new champions of crypto that are creating communities through cash and putting decision-making back into the hands of the people, perhaps we won’t continue to have dictatorships or inept Governments. However, unfortunately, we will still have people in office who are so political that they are incapable of doing the right thing except making sure they stay in office. Unless we change how political campaigns are financed, that will never go away. As always, we must change from the outside to fix what is inside.

Cannabis, CBD, THC, ketamine treatments, mushrooms, therapy, meditating, personal health days, and anything under the mental health category needs to be part of our everyday lives. Making us better people will get rid of the anxiety that daily living, at least these days, will help. Also, nothing wrong with tossing in a nightly martini too. Whatever takes the edge off.