Shifting Non-Profits

A friend of ours recently got back from the Ukrainian border, where he went to help organizations find safety for people whose lives are being upheaved by the war. His stories are incredible but what stuck with me is the new organizations rising to the challenge.

A perfect example is Jose Andres, who has put old school organizations to shame. He has proven that he can rally faster, get more accomplished quicker and feed more people than any Government or old school organization.

Our friend noted that the Red Cross and other organizations of that ilk were nowhere to be found unless the media was there.

Various new organizations are shifting and have learned how to keep change moving positively. I have always been a fan of Prep for Prep. What makes them unique is that they are always there for students who go through their organization. Prep for Prep helps their students from early on to post-High School, through college, and even get jobs after college. That is how the impact is made.

This past week, I went to a Strive luncheon and heard a handful of extraordinary women talk about how Strive changed their lives. Women who couldn’t get jobs were in hard times, and some couldn’t even speak English. Having an organization where the people not only lift you up but are available to you forever makes a huge difference. You know that there is always a family looking out for you if you fall off the wagon, lose your job, or go through a tough time, whatever it may be. That is how change can take place.

Giving people a hand, a door to walk through, an opportunity to make their life better, most will grab on and hold tight. We need more organizations that are thinking differently. After all, if you have saved one life, you have changed the world.