I love movies. We still love the movie theater, but now I can watch everything and anything if I am willing to wait. Being able to watch from countless channels has become overwhelming. It is game-changing, but finding new and random movies worth watching has become more challenging. A lot of shit gets green-lit.

Friday afternoon, I was solo, just chilling, surfing through the channels we all know could suck you in for an hour until you realize you have yet to make a decision. Sometimes the decision is meh. Other times it is just a delightful score.

I stumbled upon Delicious. What a delight. I will watch this movie again and again. A French film set in 1789, right before Bastille fell. A chef, who works for a spoiled rotten King’s son, is dismissed. He has no choice but to figure it out. The film is light but definitely sends a good message. More than anything, the cinemaphotography is stunning. If you are a “gourmand,” the food shots, including the interactions with food, will send you into the heavens with a chuckle in your belly.

I might have to watch it again this afternoon.