Religion Wins Again

All the laws being made by the Supreme Court are religion-based.  Let’s think about religions and the havoc they have created on society. Shall we begin with the Catholic Church, which tried to sweep under the rug the countless priests who diddled young boys?  Yet somehow, the Conservative Christian Right sits as the majority of the Supreme Court in making religious judgments.  If the coach who prayed with his team before the game on the sideline had rolled down rugs for his team to join him in Islamic prayer or a Rabbi did a little davening on the field, I am pretty confident that the Supreme Court would have ruled against this behavior.

The constitution did not even acknowledge women, hence all “men” are created equal.  When a group of people representing the minority decides to change the rules after fifty years, I have to believe this is just the beginning of the court’s decisions, and I fear how the majority will react.  We are starting to see the repercussions.

In Arizona, the courts have just killed public education. Families can now take their yearly stipend of $7k and choose what school they want their child to go to. Traditional, public, private, religious, etc. How do you run a school when the budget is based on parents’ decisions? The concept behind busing was to eliminate racial segregation. Ths new law in Arizona highlights the contempt most Americans have for people who don’t look like them, pray to the same “god,” or want as part of their community. Talk about one huge step backward for future generations.

As a Jew, who is essentially agnostic, I am angry, sad, and dismayed over the slow dissolution of the divide between church and state. And there is no question that it will get so much worse before it gets better. Quite frankly, it offends me to see someone holding public praying, holding everyone around the circle prayer hostage to go along with it. That behavior belongs in a church.