The Federal Government and Cannabis

Many who work in specific industries have to sign documents stating that their spouse has nothing to do with the cannabis industry, aka selling federally illegal substances. Thirty-seven states sell medical cannabis. Nineteen states have made the selling of recreational cannabis legal. This includes DC and Puerto Rico. In November, nine more states will decide on recreational cannabis at the voting booth. There could be 28 states that will allow for recreational cannabis, and forty-six will sell medical cannabis by December 1st.

Getting a business up and running in a state where the Federal Government has not signed off on the legality is not easy. It is tough to hire people if their spouse works in certain industries because they are true persons of interest, someone connected to cannabis. The compliance guidelines are complicated enough.

Not only is the legalization and decriminalization occurring in almost all states, but over sixty nations are also adopting the legalization of cannabis. Think about that. The Federal Government has generated $3.7 billion in taxes from the sale of cannabis. The Federal Government is happy to take the taxes; the over-taxation is absurd.

We all know the Federal Government is a business. Student loans, FEMA-backed insurance policies, etc. If the Federal Government takes in the taxes, then make cannabis federally legal. Let anyone work in the industry, let banks give loans and create accounts for those in the business, allow research, and rethink how to make this industry even more profitable.

Enough already. Change the narrative. The states have, the people have spoken, and the Federal Government needs to get on board.