As more transactions began on the web, data became a word bantered about. What kind of data should we be capturing? What are we going to do with this data? Can we sell this data to others? Does anyone even understand the information we are collecting? Was it time to get a Chief Data Officer to know what we are capturing?

Fast forward the amount of data captured from small sites to the behemoths. The concept of privacy has flown the coop. Every site, every transaction, every post we read, and every trip we take is data documented. What it’s used for is the bigger question.

We are entering a new age where creatives are the future. Creatives are looking at the big picture about how we engage, what a brand wants to look and feel, and our purpose.

The creatives’ curiosity will define the next decade because we need big-picture thinkers looking at the landscape of the next decade. Artistic people define the times. It is time to move out of data consumption into creative consumption. Looking at the world through a creative lens might create more interesting conversations and angles on how we engage with each other in the years ahead, mainly because automation will take over more jobs than we can count.