John MacPhee, JED Foundation, Gotham Gives

There are countless reasons I write this blog; one is hearing from people who resonate with what I write.  A few years ago, one of the leaders at the JED Foundation reached out to me, a long-time reader, and we began to talk about the JED Foundation. 

These days we are finally paying attention to people struggling with mental health issues. The founders of this incredible organization lost their child to suicide. Through their grief, they realized that the shame and secrecy of mental health prevented most from having an open dialogue about their thoughts. There was no roadmap for anyone. The gift they gave us is the JED Foundation, which has opened the conversation, created a curriculum, and brought mental health issues out into the open.  

I had the pleasure of interviewing John MacPhee, the CEO of JED, a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for teens and young adults in the US.  

JED was the first commitment made by Gotham Gives, which we are incredibly proud of.