Fashion, Community and Crypto, Joy Howard, Podcast #176

Joy Howard is the founder of Early Majority, a new women-led, membership-based outdoor brand and community. Joy’s career has spanned across different industries, from being a full-time musician in the indie-rock band Seely to marketing, working for iconic brands such as Coca-Cola, Converse, Patagonia, and Sonos. As always, the dots always connect. During the pandemic, Joy turned towards entrepreneurship and launched Early Majority, an environmentally conscious membership-based outdoor brand with crypto and NFT angle. This podcast episode will highlight her unique entrepreneurial journey from music to marketing and community and her experience as a female founder.

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To learn more about Early Majority, you can visit their website here. Our next guest on PGG will be Amy Chin, the founder of Calm Better Day, a CBD consultancy company that educates and guides clients toward unique custom CBD regimens.